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Tania Ellis

travels from Denmark

Social Business Expert & Front-Runner, Global Trend-Spotter, Thought-Leader and Prize-Winning Author

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Keynote speaker Tania Ellis is a Danish-British prize-winning author, speaker and business innovator, specialized in social business trends and strategies. Her internationally acclaimed book The New Pioneers was in 2010 listed on Cambridge’s Top 40 Sustainability Books and has cemented her status as a global trend-spotter and thought-leader.

Social business expert

Tania Ellis, Executive MBA, is a Danish-British prize-winning author, speaker and strategic business advisor, who inspires and helps entrepreneurs and companies create economic and social value.

As one of Scandinavia’s leading social business experts and front-runners, Tania Ellis has over the years continuously set the agenda by identifying new trends and business concepts built on values of ethics, responsibility, sustainability and meaning.

This has made her a popular expert commentator with regular features and contributions in national and international media like , Eco-Business.com, Berlingske Tidende, Børsen, Monday Morning, the South African Human Capital Review, The European Financial Review and The Guardian.

Over the years she has been involved in numerous projects and honorary offices that focus on social and economic value creation like contributing as special advisor to Denmark’s first Social Capital foundation and informing the Danish Government work group, who published the first Danish Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Her expertise and hands-on involvement in blending economic and social value with business strategy and innovation has made her a popular inspirational speaker and strategic advisor for companies and organizations, who want to make sure that their business strategy, employee engagement efforts, customer programmes or new products and services are aligned with emerging global social business trends.

Covered topics include leadership and work life issues; authentic corporate branding; meaningful employee engagement; social media and social purpose; sustainable business and growth, corporate social responsibility (CSR); corporate social innovation (CSI); blended value partnerships, ethical consumption, socially responsible investing (SRI) and social entrepreneurship.

Tania Ellis’ reference list includes a versatile roster of multinational corporations as well as some of Scandinavia’s most respected organizations and companies.

She has hosted workshops and spoken for hundreds of companies, trade unions NGOs, educational institutions, ministries and think tanks, and her messages of social and economic value creation have reached thousands of participants ranging from opinion-formers, business leaders, politicians and cabinet ministers to employees, activists, students and social entrepreneurs.

Her internationally acclaimed book, The New Pioneers – Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship (Wiley 2010) has been praised as a ”handbook for the global revolution” with endorsements from, among others, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum. In 2010 the book was listed on Cambridge’s Top 40 Sustainability Books, and in 2011 it was published in Thai.

This has cemented Tania Ellis’s status as a global trendspotter and thought leader, and has given her Scandinavian-based activities a global outreach with a growing international audience from both the old and new economies.

Tania Ellis’ extensive knowledge and passionate delivery has made her a popular speaker, characterized by energy, authenticity and clear communication. Whether sharing her message with social entrepreneurs or global executives, she always ensures her audience a relevant and inspiring experience that can pave the way for innovative and sustainable business actions.

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    Speaker Tania Ellis Keynote Topics

    • The New Pioneers and the 21st century business mindset
    • Social megatrends and the new faces of capitalism
    • The five markets of change & business unusual
    • First purpose, then profit – from hardcore to heartcore business
    • The routes to sustainable business success
    • Corporate responsibility – from business risk to business opportunity
    • Social money talks
    • A business force for good
    • The “fourth sector” and blended value partnerships
    • Social entrepreneurship & (corporate) social innovation
    • The Global Brain & the power of YOU
    • Authentic corporate branding
    • Inner globalization and future leadership roles
    • Corporate volunteering as career booster
    • Generation MeWe & the good (work) life
    • Employer branding with meaning
Tania Ellis - video

Greenwash Conference 2011

Watch speaker Tania Ellis in action!

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