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Thought Leader Christina Bengtsson Interview

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Christina Bengtsson is a distinguished thought leader in precision and focus, known for her achievements in precision shooting and her impactful insights on personal and societal progress. As a world champion in precision shooting and an accomplished author, she shares her knowledge and experiences, emphasizing the transformative power of focus and self-control. Christina’s mission is to guide individuals and organizations toward clarity and quality in a distracted world, making her an exceptional choice for your next event.

1. As a former military officer, and a precision shooting athlete, how did you end up dedicating yourself to writing, teaching and coaching about the art of focus?

I naturally developed a deep interest in human cognition and emotions long before my careers as an athlete and officer. This passion drove me to analyze myself and others rigorously, leading to valuable insights. The ability to eliminate distractions and tap into inner potential became crucial for my success, both short-term and long-term.

After leaving the sporting and military worlds, I observed a lack of focus in society, marked by quick fixes and attention addiction. Motivated to make a difference, I decided to share my lessons on focus. After helping diverse individuals and receiving positive feedback, it’s clear that focus is under siege in our time and needs greater attention in both individuals and society to address the challenges and opportunities ahead.

2. At 23, you decided to become the best in the world at something. And you certainly accomplished that! But how was that possible? What led you to succeed in your goal?

Starting late in sports, with its technical and mental demands and razor-thin margins, turned out to be an advantage. I was already a strong individual when I pursued becoming the best in the world, safeguarding my sense of self even if I failed in my goal. My aim wasn’t solely to win medals; it was also about personal development, which helped me find deeper meaning and passion beyond victory.

My success was rooted in discipline, creativity, and a touch of madness. I practiced shooting in the dead of night in remote woods, even dressing up as a rooster on the range to inject humor and enhance sharpness. I sometimes shot at biscuits instead of traditional targets to ease the pressure. While I was technically inferior to others, this drove me to develop intense focus and concentration, valuing quality over quantity. Despite numerous setbacks, this approach led to exponential growth in technical skill and self-esteem.

3. So what is focus? Is it different from practice and mindfulness?

Focus is the key to combating personal and societal fragmentation in our fast-paced world. It involves self-discipline, cognitive control, and cultivating qualities like presence, attentiveness, and empathy. While meditation and mindfulness play a role in achieving focus, it goes beyond mere presence. It includes precision, excellence in thought, choosing the right direction, and shifting from scattered attention to unified focus.

While people often associate focus with peak performance and productivity, it encompasses deeper values, connecting to empathy, active listening, learning, and effective communication. Focus means a distraction-free mind aimed at excellence and the optimal use of our cognitive and emotional potential.

Working with a diverse audience, from motivated students to successful individuals, reveals that when people unite their focus for a common good, positive societal impacts occur. In our fragmented world, focus may even outweigh IQ in importance.

4. In what sense does focus unleash our full potential? What can we expect to change?

Consider the flip side – think about the immense potential lost in a sea of irrelevant information. This is disheartening, especially in a world inundated with information overload and the constant demand for attention.

Reflect on these questions:

  • What happens in a world where everyone seeks constant attention?
  • How does the relentless comparison to others affect the quality of our actions and limit thoughtful consideration?
  • Will there be room for humanity to achieve excellence and unlock its potential?
  • Can we face future challenges and seize opportunities if we don’t protect and nurture our cognitive and emotional potential?
  • Are we at risk of losing meaningful goals, becoming a fractured humanity in need of renewed purpose?

Respecting one’s own attention led me to appreciate the importance of respecting others’ attention, fostering contentment and constructive calmness instead of perpetually seeking validation. The idea of “full potential” varies from person to person and situation to situation. It’s more about functioning at your best, sustaining performance without exhaustion, and living a purpose-driven life.

Focus helps us find satisfaction in ourselves and our circumstances, providing the courage to strive for excellence. It’s worth recognizing that the solution for a fulfilling everyday life often begins with our own intellect, addressing the shortcomings within ourselves.

5. What role do leaders have in promoting focus in their teams?

Focus is contagious, and it’s valuable for leaders to serve as role models. However, this sets a high standard, requiring adjustments and careful monitoring due to the fast-paced nature of work.

Leaders also have a responsibility to create an environment where employees can develop their own focus, tailored to their organization’s unique needs. This process varies between organizations and takes time, but the positive effects are motivating when they become evident.

By championing fundamental values and methods that support focus, both internally and externally, leaders play a role in driving positive systemic change. This contributes to a healthier and more cohesive society.

6. What is your initiative Reclaim Focus®? What are your objectives with this new launch?

It’s a bold mission that stems from my drive to do more than I can as thought leader, guru and role model.

Reclaim Focus® is committed to illuminating the value of focus, and the impact it has at individual and societal level. It’s a non-profit organisation which, through research, strives to help current and future generations to learn focus strategies for life.

Reclaim Focus® is a movement that partners with people, scientists and organisations from across the world through a Focus Theory of Change to instil and develop the power of focus in a fragmented world

We take a holistic approach on focus and how it can be used to address societal challenges. It is about empowering individuals to use the power of focus to gain freedom, improve performance and lead a more fulfilling life, and hopefully to move our social, economical and cultural life in a positive direction.

We all want human potential to develop and not be hindered, and if our ambition is to move from blur, ambiguity and shallowness to clarity, directness and quality, regardless of whether we’re looking at the large or small perspective, then we all need to help one another.


Christina’s profound insights into the world of precision and focus have undeniably enriched our understanding and left us inspired. As we wrap up this conversation, we encourage you to explore Christina’s profile on our platform. There, you can delve deeper into her thought leadership, uncovering a wealth of wisdom, thought-provoking ideas, and valuable resources. Whether you’re passionate about personal development, team performance, or societal progress, Christina’s profile is a destination that offers valuable insights you won’t want to miss.

Check out Christina’s profile here.

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