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Care and Assistance

Care and Assistance Speakers

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About Care and Assistance

  • Caring for others is an important character trait to keep our society alive and working. But it is also important for the government to care for their people with regards to social benefits as pension or child allowance. Also in case of illness, retirement or any other issues people are depending on care and assistance of government and others.
  • Unfortunately, the interest in jobs that are designed for caring and assistance of people is decreasing which is a huge problem for nursing homes and old people’s homes as the population in many countries in europe is getting older.
  • How can we improve the situation and make the jobs more attractive? How the social system generally working and which benefits can I expect in my country? Who is taking care of me when I get old or sick?
  • Our speakers inform about how different countries deal with an aging population and how their social systems work. Book one of our speakers and learn more about caring and assistance because this topic affects you as well!