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Speakers about meeting strategies (4)

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Antoni Lacinai

Global speaker and author on Leadership, employee engagement and customer communication who can help you lead, sell and cooperate to excel in business.

travels from Sweden

The dynamic and entertaining Keynote speaker Antoni Lacinai specializes in communication, motivation and engagement. Antoni has also written several books on the topic and has spoken in front of many international clients. His keynotes are practical...


Linda Larsen

Experienced actress and hysterically funny speaker appreciated for motivating people to improve their overall results

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Linda Larsen’s passion and spontaneous humor stem from over 20 years as a professional actress in film, television and on the legitimate stage. Linda brings all the elements that you look for in a funny motivational speaker: high...


Gordon Hewitt

Awarded Professor and Respected Business Advisor known for helping companies creating competitive advantages

travels from UK

Gordon Hewitt is an internationally acclaimed business school Professor of Strategic Management, which he was distinguished at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, for many years. His research, teaching and consulting interests...


Steve W. Martin

Sales Coach and Expert on a mission to help businesses create successful relationships through the power of language

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Steve W. Martin is an expert in the field of ‘sales linguistics’, the study of how customers use language during their decision-making process. He uses lessons learnt in the world of sales, computer programming and...

Meeting Strategies
Meeting Strategies
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About Meeting Strategies

  • We all know the feeling of going to a meeting. Maybe one of those meetings you don’t really want to attend, one of those meetings you don’t really have time for. And everything is running late there because, as usual, Jenkins has not arrived yet, and when Jackson is doing her presentation it is all PowerPoint – again.
  • Before everyone can head home there is still the discussion on quotas, oh, and who will bring cake next time? You don’t catch the train because everything was running late. As always.
  • Good meeting strategies and planning is the way ahead in most cases. There is time to save and efficiency to gain. Perhaps everybody will even start listening more to each other, seeking common solutions that will benefit all.
  • Keynote speakers dealing with meeting strategies will typically focus on how to handle meetings in a good and efficient way, how to keep focus and avoid delays or a negative atmosphere. Good meeting strategies lead to good results.
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