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Palestine Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Palestine. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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About Palestine

  • Historically the name Palestine covers a large area in the Middle East, which includes the current Israel and parts of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. In the bible, the area is referred to as Kana’an.
  • Today, Palestine is the term used for the Palestinian autonomous rule which is involved in a long-term conflict with Israeli settlements.
  • It is unfortunately almost impossible to talk about Palestine without mentioning its long and bloody conflict with Israel; a conflict that has not only cost thousands of innocent lives, but which has also been given a lot of attention in international politics and media – unfortunately without a long-term solution in sight.
  • Keynotes about Palestine will typically take its outset in modern Palestine and the history of the Palestinian people in the conflict with Israel and the geopolitical game that is such a big part of the conflict.