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Solar Energy Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Solar Energy. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about solar energy (5)

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Michael Pawlyn

As a design expert, Pawlyn's firm Exploration Architecture focuses on developing sustainable properties. The company provides progressive solutions for low energy usage and waste reduction in building high-performance projects.

travels from UK

Michael Pawlyn is a world-renowned architect who focuses on sustainable designs. His innovative architecture is heralded for reducing energy consumption and showcasing natural elements. As one of the team members for the Eden Project in the UK, he...


Dr. Eric Woodroof

PhD., awarded thought leader, founder of Profitable Green Solutions on a mission to make sustainability more attractive

travels from USA

The youngest member of 2 Halls of Fame... advancing energy sustainability all over the world. Speaker Eric Woodroof, PhD., has worked with thousands of professionals and world leaders who are cost-effectively helping to preserve our...


Chris Goodall

Energy expert, consultant and author speaking about energies of the future, sustainability and climate change

travels from UK

Our keynote speaker Chris Goodall is a successful author, consultant and speaker in the field of new energies. The independent expert has the talent to communicate complex scientific ideas in an engaging manner to his attendees. He gives specialized...


Julia Hailes MBE

Advocate and expert on sustainability and green business helping organizations improve their sustainability efforts

travels from UK

Our keynote speaker Julia Hailes is an advocate and expert on sustainability and green business. She has years of experience working with large organizations to improve their strategy, supply chain, and overall sustainability efforts. Julia has been...


Søren Hermansen

Author and award-winning innovator named one of the world’s 10 largest ‘environmental heroes by TIME magazine

travels from Denmark

Keynote speaker Søren Hermansen delivers captivating presentations on current topics such as sustainability and energy. His knowledge and experience garnered from his work with sustainable energy on Samsø is widely recognized and well received by...

Solar Energy
Solar Energy
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About Solar Energy

  • Solar energy is light and heat from the sun transformed into various types of energy such as solar heating or solar power for electrical power.
  • One of the advantages of solar energy is the low pollution level compared to for instance oil- and carbon-based energy.
  • How does solar energy work and what does it take to implement it? What does it cost? Is it possible to save money in the long run and what does it mean in terms of the environment?
  • Keynote speakers on solar energy focus on this type of energy and its future prospects.
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