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World’s Biggest & Most Influential Tech Conferences

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In general, attending events such as conferences and summits is definitely a great help, especially if your organization is a part of a constantly changing environment with extremely tough competition (that is with the increasing globalization basically almost any industry).

Technology increasingly influences our everyday life, but also the operation processes of organizations that are not necessarily closely related to the tech industry.

If you want to keep up with the fast pace of today’s civilization and face the close future of automatization and robotization, it is crucial to be present where the future trends are being created and introduced for the first time.

Our portfolio of speakers consists of professionals who present and discuss topics related to technology from different angles based on their background and experiences. To explore more about the topics & speakers available, click here.

Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw is a leading expert, technology futurist and co-founder and Executive Director of the American Blockchain.  He provides inspiring and effective keynote speeches that help organizations to understand the significance of new technologies: this earned him a reputation of being among the top five Technology Futurists in the world.


Nancy Rademaker

Our speaker Nancy Rademaker, located in Netherlands, is recognized for her expertise in digitalization and customer centricity within a networked world. During her experience of working in IT she has seen how technology influences people’s behaviour and how it helps them to share knowledge, create and innovate, therefore she specializes in customer-centric strategies.


Whether you are a part of an organization that focuses on technology and innovation and you might use inspiration from the top leaders of the industry, or you are simply just fascinated by the smart solutions the future will bring us – we have created a selection of the most interesting events you can attend within within the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa:

vr virtual reality girl technology


For more than 50 years, each January in Las Vegas, Nevada, the world’s largest by area (2.9 million square feet) tech conference takes place. The Consumer Electronics Show is focused on innovation and currently hosts over 4500+ exhibiting companies and 1000+ speakers on trending topics such as robotics, sustainability or the artificial intelligence.

EmTech Asia

February in Singapore, one of the oldest and most respected conferences in the world happens. The event covers a broad spectrum of areas such as design, software, engineering or architecture. If you want to get inspired by amazing solutions and revolutionary ideas before they influence the society, EmTech in Singapore is the right place to go.

South by Southwest

An iconic event known for its enormous diversity of content happens in March in Austin, Texas. Ten days of hot topics such as climate & social action, branding, politics but also the future of the music industry, creating films or the gaming industry. The event combines different types of experiences –  business conferences, exhibitions and talks with concerts, film screenings and discussions, as well as a whole expo focused on wellness.

The Conference

If you find yourself fitting in a bit less overwhelming and hectic environment than the previously mentioned gatherings offer, The Conference in August in Malmo, Sweden focused on human behavior & technology might be the right event to attend.

The event is a non-profit – all profit goes into the next year’s event. Currently 40+ speakers from different spheres (scientists, economists, artists) are participating on The Conference.

On the event’s website you can listen to more than 350 keynote speeches and talks from the history of the event, for free.

technology expo conference macbook

Web Summit

Founded in 2009 in Dublin, considered being the world’s most important tech event, in 2016 permanently moved to Lisbon, Portugal. That is Web Summit, held annually in early November, with sister events in Toronto and Hong Kong. Web Summit has a lot to offer – more than 1200 speakers covering various fields such as business, politics, technology or marketing. In the event’s history the attendants had a chance to experience speeches given by Tony Blair, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking or Alexander Wang. The brands exhibiting were big names like Airbus, Siemens, Google or IKEA.


In September the heart of Europe, Berlin, becomes the Europe’s largest b2b sourcing platform & key meeting spot for international trade visitors from over 100 countries worldwide. On 20000 square meters exhibition ground IFA presents an impressive number of stages and projects. One of those is the IFA NEXT – project for startups, universities and research labs to present new ideas, products and solutions. Another project worth mentioning is the IFA Keynotes – professionals across the industries presenting the future development of segments such as lifestyle, infrastructure, entertainment and home appliances. On top of that IFA offers also cultural events such as concerts and artistic workshops. All of that is of course English friendly.

AI Expo Africa

Every September in Cape Town, Africa’s largest business event focusing on artificial intelligence and innovation is being organized. After the event’s enormous success in 2018, the organizers are promising to come up with an even bigger and more prestigious gathering than ever. AI Expo Africa has without any doubts lots to offer: Vibrant international data science community of more than 700 investors, innovators, suppliers and buyers, currently 69 confirmed keynote speakers from all over the world covering relevant topics such as robotics, AI, technology, and much more.

We cover a wide range of speakers on technology

The world of technology can be both – fascinating, but also terrifying, especially for those who find themselves lost in the endless amount of information, innovation and data.

As the world we live in changes faster than ever, it is not only beneficial, but necessary to stay familiar with the latest trends in the society.

We offer a wide and diverse variety of experienced keynote speakers focusing on topics regarding technology, such as robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence and many others, to make your next event both – entertaining and educative.

Jeremy White

Our keynote speaker Jeremy White, executive editor for Wired Magazine, tests and reviews the latest technological innovation and designs for more than 10 years.  He advises major corporations and industry leaders on the latest developments and product innovation.


Christina Kerley

Our keynote speaker Christina “CK” Kerley has been a forerunner in tech revolutions for 20 years. The professor and innovation specialist Christina Kerley illuminates how historic levels of innovation are reshaping today’s customers, products and business models.

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