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How big is your company ROI when you book a speaker?

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What exactly is the actual value for your company when booking a professional speaker? This of course depends on a number of factors. Did you book a top-motivational speaker who managed to inspire you and present you with new tools and methods to use in everyday work, the positive results of which can already be felt? Or did you use a speaker as a consultant over a longer period? Or did you book a speaker to tell a fascinating and life-affirming story relatable to you and your day to day work situation? It can be a difficult task to measure ROI (return of investment) in relation to speakers, however, nevertheless we have tried.


Investing in your colleagues benefits 

It is important to invest in colleagues and employees. Not only in terms of courses, workshops, café, massage or dinners but also in terms of morale and to strengthen social ties. In these cases, speakers are often a good investment. Employees who are motivated and happy are less prone to call sick, they tend to be more efficient and all of this of course benefits your company in the long run.

External speakers boost not only morale, job satisfaction and efficiency, they also come from a different background and look at your organization with a new perspective which enables them to better aid you in overcoming obstacles and problems.

If you are heading a team and need to implement a new project, booking an external speaker can also be a good idea. Maybe book a speaker who is an expert on time management and who can help you stay focused on the time schedule and various goals which, in the long run, will save you money.

Usually speakers have certain fields of expertise, be it stress, job satisfaction, health, change management or such, and they can often present you with the very latest information relating to their particular field of expertise. This will save both you and your organization time as you will not have to spend your own time seeking out the relevant information, learn new work methods or models from scratch, and you can steer clear of rookie mistakes which could potentially be expensive in more ways than one. An external speaker can provide you with the necessary introduction and answer relevant questions, plotting you the best possible course for your particular projects and goals.

Speakers of course also have the potential to bring people together, across interests or topics, presenting an event situated in space and time that people share – customers, colleagues, friends. The keynote makes for a shared experience.

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