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Interview with Courtney Anderson

Learn more about the empowering leadership speaker and her unique experiences as a keynote speaker. Read more below.

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

My most fervent desire is that they invest in themselves and take action based on the content and message of the speaking event! My message is always centered on practicing, “The Joyful Art of Business!”TM


How did you decide to become a management/leadership/personal empowerment speaker?

I have an educational background in business and management (with graduate degrees in management and law). I have been a university professor in business schools at several institutions (including The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Maryland University College). I know that as an entrepreneur that business is a vehicle for realizing personal dreams and goals. I seek to provide enjoyable context and content for creating financial, personal and community wealth! Business is not boring and investing in our personal growth and empowerment are fun pursuits!


How are your keynotes unique?

I have to base my response regarding uniqueness on the feedback that I have received over the past 12 years as a professional speaker (as it is very difficult to judge myself)!! I am fortunate to have a style and presentation that is engaging, enlightening and empowering. I work to marry the content that I have provided as a professor in a lecture hall with the dynamism I have used as an attorney in a courtroom and add a dash of the showmanship that I bring to my live television appearances and comedy club live shows. That is a unique combination! 🙂


Have you had any unique experiences as a keynote speaker?

Wow! How many days as a speaker aren’t unique? I have worked in all types of environments (indoors, outdoors, in the day, in the night, etc.). Speaking has permitted me to go on safari in South Africa, be part of the dynamism of Tokyo, relish in the vibrancy of Mumbai, India and meet amazing individuals around the world who quest for knowledge and a better future (for their professional and personal goals)! I have had all of the challenges that most professional speakers endure (e.g., travel troubles, working while ill, dealing with unusual audiences at times, etc.). Yet, at the end of each day I am so grateful for this life I have had where I have made my dreams come true!


Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

Unfortunately, the family members who I loved and who inspired me the most have passed away. Yet, I am proud of my focus on ethics and dedication to excellence that they instilled in me. I am inspired everyday by the beauty in the world and the capacity that we all individually have to change ourselves and our communities for the better. We are masters of our fate and that is inspiring!


What are some of the elements which make a great leader?

It is always about core values! The ethical internal compass, the way that the person treats other people and themselves (do they nurture themselves, do they take care of their health, etc.). Money and accolades are transitory but the legacy of how a person treats themselves and other people is lasting.


How did you get interested in the topics that you cover as a speaker?

All of my topics are related to my academic, professional and personal life journey! I think that credibility is imperative with speakers. How do they “know” what they assert they “know”? I have degrees, licensees and expertise in all of my content area in addition to living the advice that I disseminate. Sometimes people are a bit overwhelmed by the diversity and breadth of my background (attorney, professor, humorist, entrepreneur, etc.), yet I have always pursued my passions and worked to craft a life around my interests so I been able to accomplish all of my dreams. My mission now is to provide a path for others to realize their own desires and create contentment in their own lives!


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