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Danny Mekić about the new privacy regulation (GPDR)

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‘’Ensure that all employees become aware of privacy aspects.’’ – Danny Mekić

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
What are the biggest concerns for companies regarding the GDPR?
Is help needed to implement the GDPR or can companies easily do it themselves?

Every organisation has data, and nowadays data has become one of the most valuable staples.
Companies collect customer data and preferences, and every government handles very sensitive information about their citizens. In his day-to-day business Danny Mekić sees a strong focus on the legal and technical side of privacy and cybersecurity. However, the human side is often forgotten and human error is often the weakest link. This is the main reason why Danny advises his clients to make sure that every employee is aware of privacy aspects.

Danny is ranked 6th in the Cybersecurity Top 50 list of most influential cybersecurity experts in the Netherlands.

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