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Adam Kreek

travels from Canada

Olympic Gold Medalist, Adventurer, Social Entrepreneur

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Keynote speaker Adam Kreek is a corporate trainer, olympic medalist, adventurer and social entrepreneur. Adam Kreek uses his personal story to show audiences their own undiscovered excellence. He shares practiced and science-based strategies that allow individuals to put their newfound inspiration to work.

“You row an ocean by taking one stroke at a time. You build a business by solving one problem at a time. Make forward progress one inch at a time. Inch by inch. Repeat!” says Adam Kreek’s and sums up parts of his most important message. The former professional sportsman won over 60 medals, including 43 gold medals during his active career. In 2013, Adam Kreek made the first ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America, the subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized.

Holding a degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology from Stanford, Adam Kreek now Chairs the Board of Directors of Greasecycle, a Biodiesel start-up company on Vancouver Island. Furthermore, Adam is a freelance journalist with CBC Sports; in his columns he shares health and wellness strategies for peak performance. Adam Kreek is also a Champion of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, an organization dedicated to bettering health through science-based strategies.

In his Corporate Trainings, the adventurer teaches strategies of high performance to clients globally. He offers practical, powerful, and transformative teaching on Personal Leadership and effective Teamwork that result in changed perspectives, behaviours and ultimately, revitalized organizational culture. His engaging and humorous speaking style leaves the audience with a long-lasting impression and fosters empowerment.

See keynotes with Adam Kreek

    Keynote by Speaker Adam Kreek

    How to Empower Drive, Engagement and Growth – Why Our Fear of Failure Fails Us

    We’ve got the balance wrong. A healthy fear of failure is essential. It reminds us of our accountability and emboldens the threat of consequence. But excessive emphasis on failure can paralyze productivity and stop us from achieving our best work. It’s time to reframe our fear of failure.

    Learn Key Lessons to Empower Drive, Engagement and Growth:

    ● How an inaccurate conception of failure cripples engagement, growth and ability

    ● How to separate self­worth from past success and failure

    ● Dif erentiate between blameworthy failure and praiseworthy failure

    ● Reclaim lost confidence: the action­growth connection

    ● Big dreams and small steps can increase your capacity for achievement


    Keynote by Speaker Adam Kreek

    Inches: Creating and Sustaining Peak Performance – It’s not Sexy and it’s True: Slow and Steady Separates the Best from the Rest

    At the Olympic Games in Beijing, Adam Kreek and his team won Gold by just over one second—or 220 inches. The inches add up. The same is true in business, entrepreneurship, career and life: quick fixes do not drive excellence. Too often in life, we cling onto the easy solution and run for the qucik success. It’s time to take time. Step back and implement the inches that will create and sustain peak performance.

    Learn Key Skills for Sustained Results, including:

    ● Focus on what you can control

    ● Embrace a growth mindset: inspire intrinsic persistence

    ● Reject instant gratification: find happiness in effort, drive and process

    ● Harness the power of authenticity

    ● Capitalize on the value of active listening

    ● Do the work


    Keynote by Speaker Adam Kreek

    Strong Teams, Shared Leadership – Strengthen team culture, improve communication and energize staff

    An incredible power is released when we work effectively together. When teams function optimally, they can be excellent tools to ensure resiliency, manage risk, and maximize achievement.

    Learn Key Lessons to Empower Shared Leadership:

    ● Why we must have clear roles in our teams

    ● Why it is important to “debate ideas not people’

    ● How airing our grievances in the Sahara Desert created a stronger Ocean Rowing Team

    ● How disagreements can be overcome by focusing on shared objectives

    ● Communication tips for better teamwork and team leadership


    Keynote by Speaker Adam Kreek

    Manage Change and Overcome Obstacles – A Healthy Dose of Inspiration, Entertainment, and Education

    Stress, change and perceived obstacles can help us when we use them as intended: to motivate action. Failure in the mid-Atlantic? A crippling back injury months before the Olympic Games? Volatile markets while building a businesses? Adam has been there and will share his first-hand experience on overcoming adversity.

    Learn Key Lessons to Overcome Obstacles and Manage Change:

    ● Learn the correlation between energy and positivity in the face of change

    ● Understand the change curve to stop resisting change

    ● Learn to let go of the past

    ● Remember that we must focus on what we can control



    Early Morning Fitness Session with Adam

    At no additional cost, we offer all clients the option of booking Adam to lead a pre-breakfast outdoor fitness session for all conference attendees. This guarantees a refreshed and energized start to the conference day for all!

    Join Adam for a fun and invigorating early morning fitness session.  All abilities welcome and encouraged to attend! Adam will lead conference attendees in a pop-up November Project inspired outdoor fitness session. This worldwide movement provides participants with fun, motivation and vigorous exercise that guarantees renewed energy, increased confidence and the best start to your conference day. Most importantly, this session is all inclusive: all age, all body shapes, all fitness levels welcome. If the only two people who show up are the three exercise freaks training for their next seven marathons, Adam will sweep the halls knocking on room doors. He looks forward to meeting the mother of four who hasn’t put on her running shoes in three years, and the manager who knows his beer gut needs to shrink.  Get out of bed and get moving: 6:29 am, rain or shine.

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