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Thought-provoking keynotes on Mindful Selling: "serve instead of sell"

Anis Qizilbash

travels from UK

Success coach and motivational speaker providing effective and mindful sales principles, drawing on her sales experience

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5 out of 5 stars

Anis delivered an inspiring, thought-provoking presentation, delivered in a humble and easy to follow style that resonated with the audience.

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Success coach and motivational speaker Anis Qizilbash knows sales performance and success starts in the mind. Her mindful selling philosophy brings two seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum together, drawing on her two decades of sales experience, to help in people sell effectively.

How do you sell when you’re paralysed by fear and uncertainty? Experienced salesperson and speaker Anis Qizilbash knows brain tricks to make you stop procrastinating, overcome fears and appreciate your value. She helps businesspeople around the world create value for their clients, grow their businesses and -most importantly- achieve their goals. Individuals and companies alike have grown their sales, boosted performance, and gained renewed self-belief and motivation after a talk or workshop with Anis.

Through her interactive and inspiring keynotes, your team will not only discover simple strategies to break through blocks. They will be excited to implement them, too.

Anis’ calm energy appeals to non-sales professionals, helping them believe that they can sell, even if they’re not the typical brazen persona. In addition, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs and freelancers who’ve never sold before to gain confidence and clarity to grow their sales.

The mindfully energetic stage presence of speaker Anis Qizilbash will have you hanging on every word and leave the room excited and motivated to hit the ground running. She is featured for her insights in publications including The Guardian, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Psychology Today.

What her clients say

  • “Had the opportunity to experience Anis in action at the CXFO London event and was blown away by her energy, her insights and practical advice for mindfulness. A fantastic session which I thoroughly enjoyed and would certainly recommend her!” – Carole Layzell, previously Customer Experience Director, Barclays
  • “A fantastic speaker – thorough, dedicated and insightful. She was extremely authentic and our audience of business owners from a variety of sectors and business size found her “inspiring and uplifting.”  – Paula Kemp, Business Breakthrough Manager, Santander UK
  • “Inspires, engages and energises. Anis doesn’t talk at attendees but with them and that’s what make her talks so valuable. I would highly recommend Anis to anyone that is looking to grow their sales.” – Lorna Bladen, Head of Events, Enterprise Nation
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Special virtual keynote by speaker Anis Qizilbash

Mindful Selling

It’s vital that organizations equip their sales leaders and teams with skills to maintain balance and well-being, so they can manage stress and sell effectively and meet their targets.

Audience takeaways:

  • Developing your mindful skills, you rise above fear-induced states, to achieve deeper connection, deeper understanding, and be of real service to your clients.
Special virtual keynote by speaker Anis Qizilbash

When you can't go outside, go inside

Is the extended lockdown stressing you out? Shortening your fuse, straining relationships, stifling creativity?

Audience takeaways:

  • After Anis’s 30m keynote, you will learn simple tools to manage your mind’s chatter, learn everyday mindfulness for the stressed and the busy, so you can clear your head and bring your best self each day.
Virtual keynote by speaker Anis Qizilbash

Mindful Selling Momentum

What happens after your event? How will your teams achieve unmatched momentum?

Audience takeaways:

  • Follow up an inspiring virtual keynote with an interactive masterclass. Whether it be 30 minutes, one hour, or weekly check-ins to coincide with your weekly virtual team meetings, Anis will have everyone applying practical techniques to manage their state so they can bring their best self.
  • Mindful Selling Momentum is a program focused on helping your team build and sustain momentum.
Keynote By Anis Qizilbash

Embrace Change & Lead

For the past two years sales leaders and teams have faced ups and downs and unwanted challenges, navigating moods, both personal and work, and just getting stuff done has proved exhausting. But it has also brought a new way of working. As we finally seem to be moving on from Covid19, leaders can raise their eyes above their laptops and once again look into the horizon. But you can’t spot new opportunities to grow revenues, or serve and lead others when you’re operating in survival mode.

Audience takeaways:

  • Achieve peak performance and values driven approach by identifying ‘the gap’
  • Learning how to press pause in a post-COVID always on world, so you can rise above toxic hustle culture and bring your best self each day
  • Identify two drivers shaping your decisions
  • How to stay focussed and motivated while working remotely
Anis Qizilbash - video

Get to know speaker Anis Qizilbash by watching her showreel

Watch speaker Anis Qizilbash in action!

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Anis delivered an inspiring, thought-provoking presentation, delivered in a humble and easy to follow style that resonated with the audience.

Atul Rajput

Axis Communications

It was so amazing having you. The virtual keynote went great and we're implementing compliment circles and so many other amazing takeaways from your session to the team. It truly was the perfect addition to our session and could not have gone more perfectly.

Jenn Bello

DLL Group

80% of workers are stressed

In September, A-Speakers focus on mental health. Therefore, Anis Qizilbash has made a video addressing stress management at work. According to the UK government’s HSE health regulator, 15 million days are lost due to work-related stress. Watch her video and get her tips for handling stress.

Below is a transcription of Anis Qizilbash’s video on stress management:

“Did you know 80% of workers are stressed according to the American Institute of Stress with nearly half saying they need help learning how to manage their stress. And 15 million days are lost due to work-related stress according to the UK government’s HSE health regulator. And employees are facing unprecedented amounts of stress with the threat of losing their job to technology and the pressure of having to learn new skills just to keep their job. And if increased stress due to the uncertainty disrupts focus, diminishes motivation and it dampens productivity because you don’t have the cognitive capacity to be creative when you are operating in survival mode. So what can you do? Try this right now. Close your eyes and take one deep breath. Inhale deeply and listen to your breathing. and exhale. Listen to your breathing. That’s all. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Listen to your breathing. That exercise creates a mindful moment, but here’s the thing. Those thoughts and feelings causing the stress can come cascading back and sweep you away like whitewater rapids. So if you want to know more tips on how to help you and your teams build lasting resilience and balance and manage their stress, get in touch with my speaker agency A-Speakers. Thanks so much for listening. I’m Anis Qizilbash, and I hope to see you soon. Bye!”


How to sell without fear

One time after a speaking gig, a dapperly dressed fellow with a sunbeam smile approached me from the audience. He reached for my hand, clasping it between both of his, looked me in the eye and proceeded to shower me with positive praise. I was grateful and flattered but something felt off about the whole act. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but my intuition was telling me to run.

Later that day, an email popped up from the dapperly dressed man. He thanked me again for my talk and asked me what my passion was. According to his signature, he was an account manager for an online branding company. My B.S. detector went code red. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about passion and mission and I think kindness and curiosity are wonderful virtues, but there was something a little forced about his questioning.

I replied by thanking him for reaching out and added, “I’m quite lucky; what I do is my passion.” He responded lightning quick with the following: “That’s great. I was looking at your website. You should develop your social media presence, we can help you build your brand and reach more people. Would you like to book a call so I can show you how?”

And there it was. The sales pitch. On the surface, the words, the gestures, the follow-up, all seemed giving, but underneath it all I could sense his intention was to get something. We didn’t continue the conversation. You too can tell when a pitch is coming at you, right? We know sales is about adding value, achieving mutually beneficial outcomes and so on. Any methodology will espouse this. But how do you blend the need to give value with getting sales?

Achieve the macro in the micro

You can’t give while you’re taking. Try it. Give someone a piece of paper while taking it at the same time. It’s impossible. Your intention operates in a similar way. You can’t have benevolent outcomes when you’re solely serving your own agenda. I’m not talking about big- picture macro objectives, but rather the micro day-to-day encounters with prospective and existing clients. It’s in these micro engagements that you achieve the macro.

Survival selling

When you’re focussed on selling, you leave yourself vulnerable to fear-based survival mechanisms that are self-serving. Concerns of competition, closing and winning take precedence, resulting in selfish actions. These actions send signals to the other person, which their unconscious notices. I call this fear-based selling, because your motivation is selfish instead of selfless.

But you have quotas to reach. Your team need to make their numbers. So what do you do?  One way of bypassing fear-based selling is by focussing your attention and intention on giving value.

What do you see that you didn’t see before?

Start by redirecting your attention away from past or future concerns of hitting quotas or achieving a desperately desired outcome. Bring your attention to the here and now. What can you hear? What new thing can you notice about your surrounding? You can also listen to your breathing for one minute. Doing these things quiet the monkey mind.

Taking control

Instead of allowing your mind’s negativity bias to hijack your motivation, impose your intention. As you approach a meeting, you may default to questions like How can I win that person as a client? or How many business cards can I collect to pitch? Instead ask yourself, How can I make this experience enjoyable for every person I meet? How can I be of assistance to each person I meet?

Don’t focus on past failures or future outcomes. When you redirect your attention to the here and now and set your intention to create value, you won’t have to hide behind tinned techniques and scripted plays that send people running. Your thoughts and actions will follow.

Anis Qizilbash is a Keynote Speaker, our clients book her for Mindful Selling and Mindfulness.

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Anis Qizilbash
Anis Qizilbash

5 out of 5 stars

Anis delivered an inspiring, thought-provoking presentation, delivered in a humble and easy to follow style that resonated with the audience.

Axis Communications See all references

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