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Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

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Former elite British military unit commander, leadership & resilience expert

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Speaker Ash -Alexander- Cooper OBE is a former Gurkha officer, combat helicopter pilot, Specialist Military Unit commander, wounded veteran and Senior Partner at McChrystal Group. With a focus on leader development, talent management, and team-building solutions, Ash draws upon lessons learned from over 25 years’ experience leading and managing diverse multinational military, civilian, government, sports, and other elite teams to foster growth within organizations of all types and sizes. Ash successfully guides companies to improve outcomes by using the insight gained from deployments in some of the world’s most hostile and complex environments, with powerful examples of leadership, resilience, teamwork and trust.

Why you should book speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

  • He gained personal insights through his international specialist military and business experience. As one of the most experienced officers of his generation, Speaker Ash- Alexander Cooper has successfully led teams in some of the most complex and challenging environments.
  • Ash takes the lessons he learned from extremely high-stakes and high-pressure situations and translates them in ways to help improve team performance and business outcomes.
  • He is diverse. In addition to his military credentials, he is a former international elite athlete, an award-winning musician, and Ash has advised business clients across multiple continents in sectors including multi-national healthcare, mining, energy, finance, technology, and retail.

Speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former specialist military unit Colonel in the British Armed Forces, who has been shot and wounded multiple times during combat missions. During a two-decade career, Ash became one of the most operationally experienced officers of his generation, spending nearly 7 years deployed, and leading some of the world’s most elite forces in predominant complex and hostile environments, including the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Ash recognized that many companies today experience very similar difficulties to what he and his colleagues faced in combat, Ash now helps businesses and leaders develop the skills, mindset, and behaviors necessary to adapt and win. He uses some of the most empowering and motivational stories from his time spent abroad to help companies and teams fulfill their potential and achieve greatness.

Speaker Ash -Alexander- Cooper is a passionate charity campaigner, focusing on initiatives that support those who continue to bear the mental or physical scars of their service. Ash is also an ambassador for the UK charity Remembered and its ‘ThereButNotThere’ campaign; a Combat Stress Centenary Appeal board advisor and an advisory board member and mentor for PROMOTE, a US non-profit organization, whose mission is to transform the way leaders mentor and develop the next generation. Ash is also an Associate with the Center for Empathy in International Affairs.

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Keynote by speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

Leadership & Resilience

Given his expertise in cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing within large, international and geographically dispersed organizations, Ash is skilled in bringing people together to create resilient, high-performing and adaptable teams built on a strong culture of trust and empowerment.

Audience takeaways:

  • Citing stories from his military, business and sporting careers, Ash provides audience members with insight on how to maintain flourishing environments.
  • Ash shares effective strategies to help clients maximize their potential.
Keynote by speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

Business Strategy & Change Management

Since retiring from government service, Ash has advised clients across multiple continents in sectors including multi-national healthcare, mining, energy, finance, technology and retail. As Senior Partner, Ash established elite advisory services and leadership development firm McChrystal Group’s European practice before joining ground-breaking data analytics company Palantir Technologies, where he focuses on developing international strategic partnerships.

Audience takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • How Ash advises a number of innovative start- ups and is a non-executive director of geopolitical advisory firm Gatehouse Advisory Partners.
Keynote by speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

Peak Performance & Teamwork

The fundamental importance of teamwork has been a recurring theme in Ash’s life. Whether singing on the international stage as a child, representing his country in multiple sports, becoming a counter-terrorist helicopter pilot and jungle survival instructor, or joining the renowned Brigade of Gurkhas, the requirement to build trust, demonstrate empathy and harness the diverse skills and experience of every team member has proved to be of paramount importance.

Audience takeaways:

  • Ash demonstrates how to implement trust, empathy and diversity skills into the wworkplace.
  • The importance of teamwork.
Keynote by speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

Team of Teams: Building & leading high-performing teams to win in today’s complex world

An organization’s ability to adapt and innovate with speed and agility is critical to success. As a core member of General Stanley McChrystal’s ‘Team of Teams’, Ash shares examples from a career building and leading elite teams in the most challenging environments, both in battle and in business. He reveals the importance of trust and empowerment and the power of culture, open communication, a common purpose, and relationships, sharing experiences and principles to bring these themes to life.

Audience takeaways:

  • The key ingredients for effective teamwork include trust, transparent communications, and a decentralized network that supports empowered decision-making.
  • Building adaptable, interconnected teams capable of seamless collaboration and innovation to solve emergent challenges is critical in today’s complex world.
  • Effective leadership requires the right mindset and behavior if organizations are to build strong, inclusive, and impactful cultures.
Keynote by speaker Ash Alexander-Cooper

Geopolitics & Relationship Building

Ash has worked as a speechwriter and drafted strategic defense and policy documents for both British and Afghan governments. Between 2011 to 2014, Ash was a senior special advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Interior leading responses to high-profile terrorist attacks.

Audience takeaways:

  • Having been credited with the design and implementation of the Afghan National Crisis Response Strategy, now enshrined in national policy and his implication optimizes organizations, Ash emphasizes the requirement for active listening and trust.
  • In spearheading, the training and development of indigenous units tasked with the country’s most critical national security missions leaders must demonstrate empathy and develop strong communications.
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