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Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Life and business coach who will help you discover your talents and reach success by shifting your mindset!
Country: UK

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown is a master coach and transformational speaker. She grew up in a very poor part of Jamaica, where she had to work hard as a little girl just to make enough for dinner. Today, keynote speaker Ava Eagle Brown is an international coach who strives to help others reach new heights and discover their talents, passions and true purpose. She took control of her life and mindset, and she will teach you to do the same.

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Why you should book speaker Ava Eagle Brown

  • Ava has a proven gift for transforming people’s mindset instantaneously. She has a professional background in sales, education and retail management and for the past 4 years has been speaking and coaching entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, internationally.
  • She has an amazing story of overcoming herself and is a prolific storyteller making her speeches very entertaining even when serious. Ava is said to be the “Mindset SHIFT” speaker.
  • Ava Brown has presented in front of audiences of up to 15000 and some of her clients include CitiBank, Barbados Government, London Boroughs of Merton & Croydon. She feeds her audience and each speech is tailored to the needs of the client.

Keynote speaker Ava Eagle Brown has her own unique style and approach that she uses to empower and motivate but ultimately transform her audiences. Her messages can center from “you have all you need within you” to “your past doesn’t have to determine your future” just to name a few. Her talks are wrapped around mindset shift and being your best self regardless of where life has taken you.

As a speaker Ava Eagle Brown is confident, engaging, entertaining and definitely motivational. She is a sought-after speaker who often has her audience in tears and with standing ovations coupled with long lines to steal a hug. If you want to empower and shift the mindset of any team, improve sales team’s performance of a keynote, Ava Brown is the person to help you with that SHIFT.

    Keynote by speaker Ava Eagle Brown

    No Cape Needed

    • In this keynote, speaker Ava Eagle Brown focuses her message on Paying It Forward And Creating a Ripple in your own corner. Her message is simple “True inspiration is not about dressing up in superhero costumes of capes and tights but more so about helping people to exceed the limitations or constraints that may be shaped by culture, ability, origin, gender or nationality”. It’s about creating transformative moments in which hidden talents or ‘superpowers’ can be unleashed. By inspiring a new generation of innovators, we can change the world in remarkable ways.
    • After this keynote, the audience will walk away understanding how they can be an impact in their businesses ad or personal lives by creating their own ripple as part of CSR.

    Keynote by speaker Ava Eagle Brown

    What is your story?

    • In this keynote, Dr. Brown focuses her message on using the power of your story as part of building your brand on and offline is about sharing your story.
    • After this keynote, the audience will achieve greater results by having permission to own their stories and use them to build their brands on. “They will realize that people buy stories and love backstories, but also that we all have a story.

    Keynote by speaker Ava Eagle Brown

    Mindset is everything

    • In this keynote, Ava Brown focuses her message on adopting the correct mindset, focus on the fact that If you adopt the right mindset in any situation you can change your world and the word is your oyster regardless of your past.
    • After this keynote, the audience will achieve greater results by eliminating “negative self-talk and replace it with new ways of thinking to change their worlds  They will start catching themselves thinking negatively and be able to switch that process in 5 seconds, taking responsibility for their attitude, their actions, and their results and own the moments that matter!
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