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Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

Life and business strategist
Country: UK

Dr. Ava Brown is a master coach and transformational speaker. She grew up in a very poor part of Jamaica, where she had to work hard as a little girl just to make enough for dinner. Today, our keynote speaker Ava Eagle Brown is an international coach who strives to help others reach new heights and discover their talents, passions and true purpose. She took control of her life and mindset, and she will teach you to do the same.

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Our speaker Ava Eagle Brown spent her childhood in a poor and rural part of Jamaica. Attending school was a challenge and she often had to work instead, in order to pay for basic needs such as food. Only a compass based on inner strength carried her through adolescence, a period during which she experienced sexual abuse and incest. When she reached young adulthood she was even held at gunpoint – and then she decided to escape from Jamaica.

Rather than settle for the role of victim, a victim of her troubled past, Ava chose to turn her painful experiences into a new focus and purpose. She resurrected and became a stronger self, more resilient and self-reliant. She made peace with the inner demons haunting her past, choosing  grace over anger and defeat instead. She still loves her native country Jamaica, she is still passionate and she has become a powerful voice in helping other people fight poverty and its many bad effects.

Ava’s style is authentic and unapologetic, and it quickly dives below surface level to discover what really needs to be fixed. Only by taking control of your mindset you will be able to achieve transformation. Her approach is empowering, she wants everybody to understand that the word IMPOSSIBLE really means I’M POSSIBLE. She aspires to inspire people to live the lives they truly want to live; lives of joy, peace, abundance and success. In short: the keynote speaker Ava Eagle Brown will help you find and be your best self.

Ava has coached entrepreneurs, CEOs, business leaders, writers as well as people who have lost their way. She had guided them into greater significance and greater self-esteem. Purpose in life is not just wealth and fame but rather identifying what really inspires you deep down. Thus significance is the true goal, and no matter what has happened to you, it is still possible to turn things around.

Ava’s clients range from business leaders and businesses to men and women thirsting for a better and more significant life. And her business coaching is all about results.

The through-provoking speaker Ava Eagle Brown holds two MBAs and a Doctorate in Humanity and harnesses her professional background in finance, education, maritime, telecoms and business development. She is inspirational as well as practical; she will train business leaders and staff and teach them how the aspect of mindset can indeed influence business, productivity, sales techniques and more.

Brown was the ambassador for Evolve, which is a homelessness and community support charity that makes a real difference to 2000 people each and every year in and around London. Moreover, she is planning to start a charity called Jamaica Safe Home For Girls, which will seek to establish a residence for young girls, victims of abuse and poverty, who are in need of shelter and help. This cause is close to her heart, as she herself had nowhere to go when she wanted to escape from a very damaging home situation, when she was just a young girl growing up in Jamaica.

In 2017, our speaker Ava Eagle Brown published her book The Mango Girl, which portrays Ava’s journey from homelessness and sexual abuse to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman. It has recently been announced that the book will be made into a movie by D Street Media Group, headquartered in New York City. It is expected to premiere in late 2018!

    Speaker Ava Eagle Brown Keynote Topics

    • Mindset Mastery
    • Ava’s Story: An Incredible Transformation and How Others Can Do the Same
    • Skyrocketing Your Self-Esteem
    • The Power of Purpose
    • Selling is in the Mind
    • 7 Success Keys
    • Keys to Start Your Business
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