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Barbora Kosnarova

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Certified conflict-resolution facilitator, executive and coach inspiring companies to boost innovation and improve teams

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A true people’s person speaker Barbora Kosnarova is an expert on team relationships, people-focused leadership and conflict management. She is the creator of a technique called Creative Fight, founder of DOtsMORE and a strong believer in kick-jumping to action.

As long as she remembers Barbora Kosnarova has been passionate about empowering teams and C-suite leaders to connect and gain focus in the world of constant change. She is the founder and managing director of DOtsMORE, a consultancy which helps teams to talk openly about anything, be inclusive, fight creatively to boost innovation, swap drama for buy-in and generally – enjoy working together! Barbora is a certified conflict-resolution facilitator, a CIPD professional, a Global Tech Advocate, a coach, a Virgin Start-Up mentor and a challenge lover.

A lot of teams and leaders she works with believe they are already in the top performance league. However, one of the key characteristics of the best teams in the world is that they are constantly exploring how they can get to the next level! Because if all is good as it is, there is no hunger for growth, innovation, learning from mistakes, creativity, tough lessons or joy of creating a better future. And without these ingredients, you get left behind!

Barbora is the creator of a technique called Creative Fight, which enables teams to fight to create a better future and boost innovation, instead of taking apart someone’s idea or ego. On average we spend 2.5 hours daily on drama – time we could spend on being productive or having fun! As a speaker Barbora Kosnarova is engaging, humorous and motivational. In whatever Barbora does, her mission is to spark-up new mindsets and habits instead of delivering quick fixes. Inspiration and knowledge is great but it hardly brings any improvement unless we kick-jump into action! Barbora uses psychology and modern technology to help people exchange their roadblocks for action plans and accountability structure.

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    Speaker Barbora Kosnarova Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Barbora Kosnarova

    Breakthrough Teams

    • How to build a dream team!
    • Barbora takes you through her tips and tricks to building a high-performance team that will make all the difference in your organization.
    • Understand how the right team creates innovation, progress, good relationships and love for challenges.


    Keynote by Speaker Barbora Kosnarova

    Humancentric Leadership

    • How to lead and solve problems from inside out.
    • This keynote will leave people feeling inspired and motivated to get involved.
    • Understand how you as a leader can create a self-starter culture and offer a psychologically safe environment for your employees and colleagues.


    Keynote by Speaker Barbora Kosnarova

    People Connecting

    • How do people connect and where does sense of belonging come from?
    • In this keynote, Barbora takes you through the basics of human connection and relationships.
    • Understand how we build trust and use connectivity at work, at home or while networking to have engaging interactions.


    Keynote by Speaker Barbora Kosnarova

    Conflict-Management & Feedback Skills

    • Learn how to master the delicate skills of communication.
    • How do we manage conflicts and how do we avoid them?
    • Barbora presents how to be honest without creating any defensiveness.

Interview with Barbora Kosnarova

How did you begin your speaking career?

Not many people know this (or would believe you if you told them!), but I am an introvert. In spite of this, I have always been fascinated by people and drawn to empower them to do more. And the best way to do that is to get in front of them and talk! I first started working with smaller groups – facilitating workshops and experiential training. This naturally led to being asked to speak at events. I absolutely love it! The interactions, the energy, making people laugh, creating those aha-moments, but most importantly inspiring people to kick-jump into action!

Can you provide 3 tips for successful networking?

Networking is all about connecting with one another! To do this well:

  • Before going to any networking event – relax. Tell yourself that it is an amazing opportunity to learn about fascinating people and their stories (everyone loves a good story, right?). Make it about them (not about you). When you focus on yourself, you overanalyse. When you focus on others, your curiosity and kindness kick in!
  • Always look for ways to help others. Is there someone you know that they should meet? Is there something they should read about? Be supportive and generous. It will come back to you. (And even if it doesn’t, being supportive feels really good!)
  • Ask questions that put people in the positive mindset. Ask what their favourite thing about their job is. Ask about their funniest networking experience. Ask about the best thing that happened to them so far that week. Don’t just ask though; be genuinely curious to hear the answers as well!

Why do clients typically hire you to speak?

Clients enjoy my approachable manner, the facts that I know “my stuff”, I make them laugh and I help them clarify what kind of impact they are looking to create. The topic is never as important as the key message the audience should leave with. And for me, I always go further – asking how do we transfer this learning into action?

Who or what inspires you most?

When I was growing up, even though I deeply cared about people and had many friends, I never quite felt like I belonged. As an introvert it wasn’t easy for me to open up. Later on in life, whenever I would be part of a team, I would make it my mission to make everyone feel included. I would make it my mission to make everyone heard and make them feel that they mattered. And I’m still on that mission.

People are very unique, they come from different backgrounds, have different insecurities, self-believes and different super-powers. I find a lot of inspiration in the vision of creating intentional space within teams, allowing everyone to feel okay and opening up their potential. When we have a feeling of belonging and commitment towards our team, we are willing to go out of our way to make good things happen. I believe there should be more of that in the world! We cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

When it comes to people, I am very inspired by behavioural economist Dan Ariely and entrepreneur Tony Robbins. They have both very strong life stories, good hearts and they are deeply driven to make a difference in people’s lives.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Probably my first one! For the first time coming to the big stage, having all those eyes on me… and then making people laugh! There’s something disarming when you share a laugh with someone. Now imagine sharing a laugh with a room full of hundreds of people! It’s a great honour to be able to connect over a key idea with so many people at ones and take them on a journey with me.

What leadership qualities do you most admire and why?

  • Self-awareness: Self-awareness is one of the most important leadership qualities. It allows leaders to see what impact they have on their people, what they need to improve and be honest with themselves
  • Empathy: as a leader you cannot always make everyone happy but you can take notice of the impact things have on people, showing them you care and they matter to you. You should also inspire others on your team to foster team interpersonal sensitivity as well to encourage caring supportive culture.
  • Factor X: the most inspirational leaders have some sort of charm in them. It is something we can’t quite put our finger on. It might be labelled as charisma, warmth or ability to understand people’s hearts. Whatever it is, it enables the leader to connect with others in a powerful way!
See keynotes with Barbora Kosnarova
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