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Belinda Parmar OBE

CEO, Author & Speaker on Empathy, Technology and Diversity
Country: UK

Speaker Belinda Parmar OBE is the CEO of The Empathy Business whose aim is to transform the business world with empathy. Belinda believes that today more than ever we need to be cautious of how our employees and customers feel – and how we feel with them. Belinda is also an activist for ending stereotypes and supporting women to follow a career in technology.

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Empathy in a corporate context can prove to be extremely important. It’s about understanding your company’s impact on its stakeholders and taking action – something that can completely transform your business. Speaker Belinda Parmar OBE has made it her mission and goal to help businesses see and understand the importance of empathy and how they to implement it in a every area of business. She has also published a book on the topic: The Empathy Era: Women, Business and The New Pathway to Profit, which introduces empathy as a business imperative backed up my quantitative data. The team behind The Empathy Business are geeks and proud of it and their method to measuring empathy is innovative and effective.

Speaker Belinda Parmar OBE is also passionate about women and technology. She dreams of a world where little girls don’t feel discouraged to pursue a career in technology because of stereotyping and feeling like they’ll never reach the top. This motivated her and her business to start the Little Miss Geek campaign which aims to inspire young girls to become tech pioneers.

In 2014, Belinda Parmar was awarded an OBE for services to women in technology.

Belinda Parmar OBE offers engaging and educating keynotes on a variety of different topics as well as an intense workshop on how to deliver bad news with empathy.

    Speaker Belinda Parmar Keynote Topics

    • Technology
    • Diversity
    • Business
    • Empathy


    Workshop: How to Deliver Bad News With Empathy

    An intense and practical workshop for those who are serious about growing and taking their empathy skills to the next level. Each participant will be evaluated before the workshop of their own empathy levels using measurement tool developed by The Empathy Business.

    By the end of the workshop you will: :

    • Know how to identify and manage emotions during stressful times
    • Know the difference between sympathy and empathy and what that means
    • Have a set of tools that can be used for everyday conflict situations
    • Have a greater awareness of your own empathy levels and how your feelings and stress levels can affect your performance
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