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Belinda Parmar OBE

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Thought-provoking speaker on technology and the power of empathy: transform your business through empathy

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Speaker Belinda Parmar OBE is the CEO of The Empathy Business whose aim is to transform the business world with empathy. Belinda believes that today more than ever we need to be cautious of how our employees and customers feel - and how we feel with them. Belinda is also an activist for ending stereotypes and supporting women to follow a career in technology.

Belinda Parmar works with leaders to transform organisations from within using the power of empathy. We spend on average 50 years of our lives at work yet 1 in 10 people are unhappy in their jobs. Belinda changes cultures to bring more meaning and empowerment to people’s lives. She is leading an empathy revolution at work and has helped change some of the world’s biggest banks and energy companies in Europe.

Speaker Belinda Parmar is an expert in nudge theory and works with companies to make hundreds of ‘empathy nudges’ in a company that come the grassroots of an organisation. Belinda’s focus is empathy in language, empathy in leadership and empathy in conflict. Belinda works with her team including a hostage negotiator to deliver empathy in conflict training and how to have honest productive conversations.

In 2015, Belinda received an OBE for services to women in technology, and she has been voted one of the most innovative women on Twitter by Forbes. She was also chosen to be a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. Her new campaign, The Truth About Tech, fights against Tech Addiction and has taken her to Davos in 2019 and got coverage on the front page of the Guardian. Belinda is currently Empathy-In-Residence at Centrica, one of the world’s biggest utility companies.

As a speaker Belinda Parmar is honest and professional. She is passionate about speaking and helping others, and her energetic style and charisma ensures a fun and learning experience for everyone in the audience.

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By speaker Belinda Parmar

Workshop: How to Communicate with Empathy

  • This educating workshop will help leaders communicate at work with more empathy. Businesses can become dehumanised which creates unengaging conversations and actions.
  • Belinda brings in guest speakers and actors to show the power of language and how to influence behaviour. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the tools to communicate more emphatically in a way that persuades and creates results.
  • This workshop is currently helping a FTSE 100 companies rethink the way they communicate with empathy and initial trials have achieved a 50% increase in their Net Promoter Score.
By speaker Belinda Parmar

Workshop: How to Deliver Bad News With Empathy

An intense and practical workshop for those who are serious about growing and taking their empathy skills to the next level. Each participant will be evaluated before the workshop of their own empathy levels using measurement tool developed by The Empathy Business.

By the end of the workshop you will: :

  • Know how to identify and manage emotions during stressful times
  • Know the difference between sympathy and empathy and what that means
  • Have a set of tools that can be used for everyday conflict situations
  • Have a greater awareness of your own empathy levels and how your feelings and stress levels can affect your performance
By speaker Belinda Parmar

Other topics by Belinda Parmar

  • Technology
  • Diversity
  • Business
  • Empathy
Belinda Parmar - video

For women in tech, size matters | Belinda Parmar OBE | TEDxUCL

Watch speaker Belinda Parmar talk about women in tech:

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