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Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

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Happiness scientist, best-selling author and clinical psychologist creating health, wealth and happiness

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Keynote speaker Dr. Lombardo works with Fortune 500 companies presenting large-scale opening keynotes to thousands as well as running smaller exec-level workshops. A physical therapist, psychologist and coach, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve and exceed their physical and personal goals of happiness, confidence and success.

Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo is on a mission to free people from their inner critic to create the health, wealth and happiness they crave and is considered NBA star Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head coach for Happiness”.

Elizabeth has had the opportunity to work with several Fortune 500 companies, presenting large-scale opening keynotes as well as running smaller workshops and exclusive executive round-tables with audience sizes ranging from 20 to well over 3,000.  Previous clients include: Coca-Cola, Oppenheimer, Westinghouse, Solo Cup, NBC Universal, Deloitte, UBS, Lincoln Financial, USANA, Zappos, Canyon Ranch, Sidley Austin, SHRM, Women’s Foodservice Forum, Lexis Nexis, NTT Data and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Her ability to help men and women unlock their own, unique personal happiness code has made her America’s most interviewed celebrity psychologist, with over 100 TV and radio appearances on shows like Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The TODAY Show, Steve Harvey, CNN, Fox Business News and others. Dr. Lombardo’s expertise contributed to articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, SUCCESS, Fast Company, Better Homes & Gardens, Huffington Post, Forbes and other respected publications.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo teaches time-tested, research-supported skills to help you create the life you truly want.  Her key areas they will help you find your true success are Purpose, Passion and People.

A Licensed Practicing Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, Dr. Lombardo’s newest bestselling book and course, Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love helps anyone suffering from conditional self-worth or perfectionism turn down their critic’s voice, turn up their self-confidence and gain essential skills to flourish in work, health, relationships and life.

Lambardo’s understanding everyone’s needs being different, she customizes each of her approaches where the method she walks you through are specifically crafted to meet your specific needs.

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Special Virtual Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

Keeping Employees Engaged During Stressful Times

Research shows that stress costs American companies over $300 billion in absenteeism, poor  engagement, turnover, health insurance, and other stress-related expenses (and that was before COVID-19). While we may be home-bound, many are still working (or trying to work), and companies still need to run. So, how can you help your team or organization engaged despite the turmoil our world is facing?

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo provides these learning objectives:

  • Discover the secrets of engagement, even during challenging times.
  • Learn two winning strategies to cope with any obstacle.
  • Apply immediately-actionable trips to decrease stress and boost engagement
Special Virtual Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

Optimizing Leadership During Uncertain Times

During these unprecedented times, we need strong leaders now more than ever. And yet, how can you
lead during such uncertainty and turmoil? Luckily, great leaders are not necessarily born but rather can
be created by applying empirically-supported strategies. Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, America’s Most-
Trusted Celebrity Psychologist, trains leaders around the world to optimize their skills, even during
difficult times.
If your team, organization or group is looking to boost their effectiveness at helping others cope with
stress, be more engaged and productively work towards common goals, this presentation is for you!

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo provides these learning objectives:

  • Discover self-awareness, including one’s inner critic, and the habits of effective leadership even
    during times of crisis.
  • Model behavioral leadership that is authentic to one’s personality and benefits team communication
    and organizational growth.
  • Gain tools to create a customized leadership action plan to implement immediately (regardless of
    current turmoil) to accelerate engagement.
Special Virtual Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

Staying Sane During “Insane” Times

Financial stress. Social isolation. Staying at home with family you love but with whom you prefer having
just dinner (not breakfast, lunch and dinner). A shortage of toilet paper. Oh, and COVID-19. Stress rates
are at an all-time high. Stress not only feels bad but can also be detrimental to every facet of your life.
Your immune system can get depleted so you cannot fight off infections as easily. Individual stress can
negatively impact your relationships. And a stressed brain results in decreased productivity, creativity
and overall engagement, which diminishes one’s ability to optimally work. That’s the bad news.
The good news is there are steps you can take to better manage your stress and its side effects
regardless of what is going on.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo provides these learning objectives:

  • Understand the mechanism of stress so you can control its impact even during turbulent times.
  • Apply proactive and reactive strategies to improve your emotional well-being.
  • Discover research-supported ways to enhance your sense of control and even contentment during
    the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

    Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

    The Science of Happiness

    • Why is happiness vital to the success of your organization? Research shows 50% of all employees state they are unhappy at work while it also shows happier employees experience a 31% increase in productivity, a 37% increase in sales and 15 less sick days/year. Dr. Lombardo teaches specific skills that science proves increase happiness.  Learn how to boost happiness in the workplace to create a more positive work culture allowing employees to reach their full potential.

    Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

    Leadership from the Inside Out

    • Every action you take (or don’t take) is the result of your thoughts- what you say to yourself. Sometimes that inner voice is kind. Often, especially during stressful times, it is not-so-kind.  Regardless of whether you are a CEO, entry level position, or anything in between, we all have an inner critic that sometimes speaks loudly in our minds. Dr. Lombardo provides tools to cultivate optimal leaderships skills that can successfully be used immediately – and that conquer that inner critic.

    Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

    Finding Your True Success

    • True Success™ is more than outward accomplishments and is based on what Dr. Lombardo calls the 3P’s: Passion, Purpose and People. True SuccessTM goes beyond how society often defines success regarding monetary wealth and status. Instead, it incorporates a wide a variety of aspects, including physical well-being, psychological health, pursuing your calling and the robustness of your relationships. Dr. Lombardo teaches how to approach life from a place of satisfaction and joy, of passion and enthusiasm.

    Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

    Crush Your Inner Critic: Creating a Better Than Perfect™ Life

    • If we are being honest, how much does your inner critic get in the way of your health, wealth, success, happiness and relationships? If you are like most people (when they are being candid), the answer is a LOT!  In this session, you will learn easy-to-apply, research-supported strategies to crush your inner critic so you can create the life- professional and personal- that you truly love. This is not your conventional “just think happy thoughts” approach, but rather an in-depth methodology to transform your life. If you are ready to make lasting and powerful changes in your life, you do not want to miss this presentation.

    Keynote by Speaker Elizabeth Lombardo

    Beyond Confidence: Cultivating Continued Success

    • As you climb the corporate ladder, your belief in yourself and your abilities play a bigger role in your personal and professional success. But do you ever feel like you are in over your head? Do you question your ability to be successful in your current role? Do you fear you are going to fail in front of your employees?  If so, then this workshop is for you! Join Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo where you will learn research-supported strategies to crush your inner critic (that not-so-nice voice inside your head), alleviate stress and create a life you love. You will walk away with your new road map of actionable steps to boost your confidence and success both at work and at home.

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Dr. Lombardo’s strategies will help you get out of your own way to create the life you want—one that’s filled with happiness and success. I highly recommend..!”

Marci Shimhoff

New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

At The Oprah Winfrey Show, I met many transformational speakers and authors, and I can say with assurance that Dr. Lombardo’s path to change is a phenomenal one. Let her show you how to get out of your own way, and get the most out of life!

Candi Carter

CEO of New Chapter Entertainment and former Senior Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show

The One Thing All Good Leaders Must Have (And Most Don’t)

Confidence is a word often used to describe strong leadership. But in working with clients for over 20 years, I have come to find there’s something even more important. When I coach executives, present keynotes and moderate workshops, I am struck over and over by the importance of something deeper: self-worth.

Self-worth refers to how you view your sense of worth or value as a person, and it impacts every interaction you have. Self-worth presents itself as conditional or unconditional.

Most people in our society tend to have conditional self-worth. Conditional self-worth means “I believe in myself IF…” As in: “I believe in myself:

IF I win this argument.”

IF people agree with me.”

IF people look up to me.”

IF I have a certain title.”

IF I look a certain way.”

Leaders with conditional self-worth may appear confident, but the quality of their sense of worth makes them rather poor leaders. For example, leaders with conditional self-worth operate from a win-lose position. So they believe, “if I win then you lose” and “if you win then I lose.” They are in constant competition not only with another business or brand but within their own team and company. They view other people’s successes as indicative of their own failures. They’re more likely to criticize the people who work with them and point out what they do wrong as opposed to highlight and support what they do right. They view differences of opinions as a threat to their ego. As such, they create an environment where creative ideas are not shared. And feedback from others is interpreted as an insult or threat, rather than a constructive way to improve. Not necessarily the kind of leader you want to have in your organization.

In contrast, people with unconditional self-worth believe in themselves based on their values and strengths. They’re very comfortable with who they are and, as a result, very comfortable with other people’s differences. Instead of having the need to be better than someone else, they accept other people for who they are. In fact, I do a lot of diversity training in organizations, and I can tell you that you cannot create an environment that is truly open to diversity unless you address conditional self-worth.

Leaders with unconditional self-worth and operate from a win- win position. They want to succeed and they want to see the people around them succeed. They operate on the notion that a rising tide lifts all ships. Leaders with unconditional self-worth highlight the positives in others, and they welcome feedback. They possess a mindset based in the spirit of continuous improvement, “I’m good and I can keep getting better.”

Confident leaders can have conditional self-worth, but they lack the mindset to be a truly good leader. The key is really to enhance and embrace unconditional self-worth. And the beauty is it’s a very teachable skill. As a coach and a speaker, I teach people how to cultivate their unconditional self-worth.

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