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Motivating keynotes about the connection between happiness and technology

Amy Blankson

travels from USA

Management, happiness and positive change expert working on how to create sustainable positive change

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Keynote speaker Amy Blankson is a Management and Happiness Expert. Amy received her BA from Harvard and MBA from Yale School of Management. Amy Blankson is currently doing research in partnership with Google to determine how to make positive psychology strategies stick and create sustainable positive change.

Amy Blankson is the only person to be named a Point of Light by two Presidents (President Bush and President Clinton). She received a Presidential appointment to serve a five-year term on the Board of Directors of the Corporation for National Service, and was one of the youngest delegates to the Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future. Amy received her BA from Harvard and MBA from Yale School of Management. She went on to co-found the Future of Philanthropy Conference at Yale University, and in 2007, joined GoodThink on the ground floor to develop and scale the company as it sought to bring the science of happiness to life.

Drawing on over 17 years of management and consulting experience with businesses, foundations, and nonprofits, Amy Blankson brings both passion and practicality to GoodThink. She is currently doing research in partnership with Google to determine how to make positive psychology strategies stick and create sustainable positive change. Amy is the author of the award-winning children’s book Ripple’s Effect, and has three beautiful daughters who teach her about the joy of positivity and the importance of gratitude on a daily basis.

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    Keynote by Speaker Amy Blankson 

    The Future of Happiness in the Digital Era: Leadership Strategies to Enhance Performance and Well-being

    Technology—at least in theory—is improving our productivity, efficiency, and communication. Yet the average mobile user checks their phones more than 150 times per day, and 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating. Mindful attention is a scarce resource. As one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and technology, Amy Blankson unveils five strategies that successful individuals use to find a sense of balance between technology, productivity, and wellbeing in the Digital Age. In this talk, you will learn how to move from partial attention to full intention, how to hack your distractions to achieve maximum productivity and life satisfaction, and how to rid yourself of the tech graveyard in your office drawers to create more mental and physical space to do the things you love. By rethinking when, where, why and how we use technology, we can begin to recapture our focus, deepen engagement, and find flow in our everyday activities and relationships.


    • Discover the impact of distraction on your productivity and happiness.
    • Establish positive technology boundaries to shift from a mindset of inattention to one of full intention.
    • Learn healthy habits for tech use to maximize flow and engagement
    • Understand how your technology use impacts your perception as a leader.
    • Increase your flow and engagement by using brain-training techniques.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Blankson 

    Strategic Happiness: Building a Culture of Trust and Positivity in Uncertain Times

    Happiness is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy, yet so often it is seen as a luxury at work.  However, a decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive at work actually fuels greater success. In fact, 75% of our job success is predicted not by intelligence, but by your optimism, social support network and the ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way.  It is time to get strategic about how we can raise happiness levels at our organizations to empower teams to reach their full potential. In this talk, Amy draws on her experiences working as Co-founder of global consulting firm GoodThink to empower teams that happiness is a choice, happiness is a habit, and happiness spreads.  She explains how we rethink stress in the midst of change and challenge and how we can lead positive change from any position in the organization.


    • Learn how the field of positive psychology has changed everything we thought we knew about finding happiness and success.
    • Understand why happiness is a choice and not a genetic or environmental byproduct.
    • Discover practical strategies for practicing happiness on a daily basis.
    • Uncover the power of emotional contagion and use positive social influence to deal with toxic co-workers.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Blankson 

    Conscious Innovation: Leveraging Potential through Creativity and Collaboration

    In the information economy, collaboration is the ultimate currency. Digital communities now enable us to “upsource” projects to collective wisdom, thereby tapping into vast reserves of knowledge and creativity. Yet at the heart of this movement are individuals, many of whom have ceased to believe that they can overcome systemic barriers to making a difference in their organization. The Ancient Greeks defined optimism as “the belief that our behavior matters,” which is a critical concept for helping individuals to remove limiting beliefs and to shift towards solutions-based thinking. In this talk, Amy will share inspiring stories of individuals who have mobilized their communities for positive change and will reveal core strategies for how to leverage the potential of teams. Using a combination of design thinking and experiential activities, Amy will show audience members how we can all be innovators if we act together with intention.


    • Learn how upsourcing knowledge has fundamentally shifted the nature of collaboration in the Digital Era.
    • Discover how leaders are leveraging collective wisdom to innovate faster and more effectively.
    • Understand why positive individuals are 3X more creative than negative individuals.
    • Identify and fact-check limiting beliefs that hinder creativity.
    • Empower individuals to use a growth mindset to fuel innovation and create positive change.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Blankson 

    Increasing Diversity in the Tech Industry: Why It Matters and What We Can Do About It

    Over the past year, the lack of gender parity in the tech industry has become glaringly obvious. Numerous media stories have highlighted the struggles of women in technology and encouraged droves of women to find the courage to come forward with their stories of sexual harassment, discriminatory hiring practices, unequal pay, and more. While these stories give us snapshots into the challenges that women in the field face, we would be remiss to simply push for different hiring quotas for women without answering the underlying concerns and misconceptions about women in the field: Why should there be more women in tech? Who are the women who are leading the tech industry?  How did they get there? What challenges have they faced?  In this talk, Amy will highlight the stories of dozens female leaders within the tech industry whose stories give context and insight to these questions, as well as a path forward for leaders on any gender.


    • Uncover shared characteristics of some of the world’s most successful women
    • Learn why gender parity in tech is vital to the health of the entire industry
    • Explore current challenges for women in leadership
    • Discover best practices for recruiting, retaining, and promoting top female talent.  
Amy Blankson - video

How to Balance Happiness and Technology in the Digital Era by Amy Blankson at TEDxCMU

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