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Sunny Grosso

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DH Core Coach, Culture Consultant, Happiness Expert

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Keynote speaker Sunny Grosso is everything you want in a happiness expert. She is inspirational, funny, and passionate about everything life has to offer. Sunny helps executives and teams reach a better work-life balance and increase everyday happiness through seminars and keynote speeches.

Why you should book speaker Sunny Grosso

  • Her discussions are backed by science. It’s way cooler than you think! Sunny educates audience members with data-driven, science-backed knowledge, and positive psychology to demonstrate the value a happier workplace can have within their organization. It’s not just our opinion; she has scientific research to back it up! 
  • She is a pioneer in organizational culture. Speaker Sunny Grosso and company are one of the first companies to focus on where culture and happiness intersect. They have been pioneering the science of happiness at work since the early days of Zappos.  Since then, they have worked with over 350 organizations around the globe and across many industries to create happier, more profitable companies.
  • She offers customizable and relatable messages. Sunny has real-world examples embedded within her keynotes and presents it in an interactive, engaging, and fun way for all audiences. Your goals are most important to Sunny, and she can tailor her message to meet your specific needs or audience.

Sunny is a happiness coach and global culture consultant on a mission to inspire others to live BIG by being true to themselves and following their purpose. She is passionate about realizing this through positive work cultures. She held key developmental roles in several business start-ups before becoming a founding member of the Delivering Happiness (DH) coach|sulting team.

As the Culture Chief at DH, Sunny co-built the model, developed the approach, and led the services team. She is one of the few Core Coaches and is personally responsible for improving the culture at hundreds of organizations around the world. 

A global speaker, ORSC, and NLP trained coach (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with a BA in psychology, speaker Sunny Grosso has the credentials. But her real street cred comes from her role as one of the world’s first happiness consultants and culture experts. She has been an impassioned thought leader in the culture movement and featured in books such as The Decoded Company and publications like Fast Company.

Today Sunny is a sought-after speaker appearing at events such as Good to Great, where she inspires groups around the world with her bright and unique brand of coach|sulting [coaching + consulting].

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Keynote by speaker Sunny Grosso

Authenticity and Wellbeing - Why the future of work depends on your happiness

What do you learn in 10 years of developing happiness models for the workplace? That’s how long Sunny Grosso has been evolving and teaching the Delivering Happiness model for wellbeing around the world. And she has found this one idea at the center of it all: authenticity. Being true to yourself, and living a life of passion and purpose.

Audience takeaways:

  • Sunny shares her journey to realize how to live authentically, why it’s so elusive, and, why the future of work depends on it. As we adapt and thrive into the future, businesses are realizing there is a great opportunity to evolve the way we work to reach new levels of results.
  • It’s not simply about being engaged at work. it depends on holistically thriving employees, in work, and in life.
Keynote by speaker Sunny Grosso

Standard DH keynote

Experience the story of Delivering Happiness painted with colorful life lessons from your speaker. Sunny will share the philosophy that Tony Hsieh applied to build Zappos into a $1Billion a year example of culture as a brand. She will weave in the science of happiness to understand how happiness as a business model works, zooming in on the personal element to empower every individual to choose happiness.

Sunny speaker will share the simple model that can be applied to YOUR organization to create change right away, illustrating key themes with inspiring examples and takeaways at every turn. Leave understanding how prioritizing happiness at work and in life can change the world more than we ever thought possible, one person and one company at a time. And how it is all in our control.

Audience takeaways:

  • How happiness as a business model = profits, passion and purpose 
  • Why happiness leads to success on the personal (ME) and organizational (WE) level  
  • Why sustainable happiness and culture change must start with ME, the individual    
  • The OTHER ROI, Ripples of Impact: from the personal level of ME to WE to COMMUNITY
  • How to build a grassroots movement of happiness with your family/teams
  • Culture is Everyone’s Business – the significance of co-ownership and how it drives success
  • How key frameworks from the science of happiness can build personal & organizational happiness  
Keynote by speaker Sunny Grosso

WoW Customer Service

Experience the inspiration and insights of the DH journey through the lens of your speaker’s personal path to happiness. From Tony Hsieh’s wakeup call to the role of happiness in great customer service with key learnings on building a culture to ingrain and sustain WoW customer service.

Audience takeaways:

  • What WoW customer service means and how it is becoming the new standard
  • Three keys to  providing a WoW customer experience
  • How culture takes the place of process, scripts, and rules to build WoW service
  • The role of connection in service, and beyond to Personal Emotional Connection
  • How values-based culture scales to outsourced centers and subcultures
  • The role of connection and progress in driving skills and know-how of your team
  • Lessons learned and colorful examples of how these principles are being applied today
  • Using Passion + Purpose to create a happier world, together
Keynote by speaker Sunny Grossso

Cultures that Flourish: Wellness and Human Sense

Experience the inspiration of the Delivering Happiness story through the lens of Sunny’s journey as Culture Chief of Delivering Happiness. She’ll take us through the success of Zappos to the global movement known as Delivering Happiness, illustrating the role of happiness, wellness, and mindfulness in our personal lives and in business today. She’ll dive into insights from positive psychology and the subfield, the science of happiness then share colorful stories to inspire sustainable happiness in our lives, at work, in our communities, and in the world.

 Audience takeaways:

  • The secret sauce of The DH Model: how to create a culture for lasting happiness
  • The main pillars of happiness at work from the evolutionary role of values to a higher purpose
  • Colorful, industry-specific examples that inspire and bring the concepts to life
  • How Tony and DH are inspiring people and companies to create a happier world, together
  • Tips and tools to start building sustainable happiness in our lives and at work right away
  • An interactive call to action to build our own happiness, and a culture of happiness
Keynote by speaker Sunny Grosso

Self-Management: Culture and Self-Management to Thrive in a Changing

Experience the inspiration of the Delivering Happiness story through the lens of Sunny’s journey as Culture Chief of Delivering Happiness. She’ll take you through the history of the global movement known as Delivering Happiness, illustrating the role of happiness in our personal lives and in business today with key insights from positive psychology. Then we’ll look at the next frontier of business, self-management (ever heard of Reinventing Organizations?) with insights on what it takes to shift, why you might want to, and how to assess your readiness. We’ll end with an inspiring call to action to choose happiness for more meaningful lives, successful businesses, and a happier world. 

Audience takeaways:

  • The next frontier: why self-management, evolutionary purpose and Reinventing Organizations are rising
  • When self-management works, when it doesn’t, and how to assess your readiness
  • How DH is inspiring people and companies to create a happier world, together
  • Tips and tools to start building sustainable happiness in our lives and at work right away
  • An interactive call to action to build our own happiness, and a successful culture
Keynote by speaker Sunny Grosso

Generation Next Workplace Culture Keynote: Harnessing Happiness

Sunny’s authentic, colorful and at times interactive talk will introduce the demands and mindset of the Millennial Generation. Sunny will then incorporate 5 years of experience building DH and working with companies around the world in a thorough solution to build a strong culture for Generation Next that harnesses the science of happiness to benefit the entire organization, increasing personal happiness and business results.

 Audience takeaways:

  • The challenges, demands, and opportunities of the Generation Next  
  • How these challenges can serve organizations, long term
  • Where they align with common, yet less understood challenges of other workgroups
  • Sunny’s personal journey and lessons learned from 5 years as Culture Chief
  • How to build a culture to attract, engage, and retain Millennials
  • How to ensure the culture elevates the happiness and productivity of all
  • Why money is not enough and where other cultures fail
  • Why harnessing the science of happiness is key to build a thriving Millennial culture
Speaker Sunny Grosso

Catch Sunny in action!

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Interview with Sunny Grosso

How did you get interested in happiness at work?

My first real job was a grey-celled, err cubicled (!), soul-sucking experience right out of college that scared the bejeezus out of me. I realized that people were at work, in order to escape work. It made no sense to me. How could we spend half our lives waiting for the weekends, suffering in quiet withdrawal of our potential? Weren’t we also robbing the world of our gifts?

So I ran. Far! Across the country to California, where my search for a better way began. Naturally, I became a bartender! It was easy happiness, but you guessed it, short lived. I found myself job-hopping for the next decade. And then abruptly, I came to a turning point. An injury sidelined me just as the first Dot-Com Boom went bust. I was jobless, broken, and hadn’t found the fulfillment I yearned for. I felt like a failure, and worse, a pervasive emptiness had settled in.

Then a young CEO gave me a book called Delivering Happiness. I saw a new path to happiness, and for the first time felt something like a calling. I realized my own search and failures uniquely qualified me to build Delivering Happiness, and help the world work happier.

What is happiness at work?

Happiness at work is when you can show up and act in alignment with your values, the core of what you believe, and what makes you you.

When you connect authentically with the people around you. When you are making progress in meaningful tasks. When you have reached a healthy level of autonomy in your work. And when you can sense the greater purpose of your work, beyond money. It’s not about bonuses, status or ego gratification. Not for long at least. And it’s not about perks and pool tables!

Could you tell us 3 tips for achieving happiness at work?

1. Be you. Nothing will bring you happiness long term, in work or life, if you cannot be you. Yet, being ourselves in a world that has told us who to be, how to be and even when to be (!) is not easy. It takes curiosity to do the inner work of knowing our true selves, and courage to be just that. Vulnerability is at the heart of this. But beautifully, on this journey, we not only find ourselves and start to flourish, we inspire others with the courage to be themselves. And. As we arrive here we find we have so much more to give, which benefits the organization tremendously in ROI. It becomes a positive cycle between us, our organization and our work community. We call this Me –We – Community Model.

2. Live by your values. So how do you be you? One of most important skills of the future is to know yourself. The world is changing faster than ever, and so have our expectations of work. It’s not about stability or contentment anymore, it’s more about thriving. To navigate and thrive, we have to know ourselves. That’s the new stability! When we’re rooted in who we are, we have stability no matter what’s changing around us. We can do in a simple way by living by our values. These are our most core beliefs, that make us who we are, and the roots we can grow deep into the earth to stabilize our happiness in a changing world.

3. Get cozy with your Why – it’s been around forever. The Japanese call it Ikigai. Simon Sinek calls it the Golden Circle. And it’s hugely popular now. It’s your Purpose. It’s also extremely elusive, surrounded by folklore and mystery. The trick is, we don’t have to find our purpose to be happy at work, and in fact, it rarely happens that way! Merely being on the path or exploring our purpose is sufficient, and among all the forms of happiness, purpose is the most sustainable path to happiness.

Do you have a favorite experience from your career?

One of the first presentations I did was with our CEO Jenn Lim, in front of Bill and Melinda Gates. And there she was, Melinda Gates, regal and poised and dressed disturbingly smart in the front row! Nerves ran wild like electricity through my body. I was on the edge of a cliff about to share our message with Melinda… I bordered on peeing my pants! Just as I stood up, trying to be cool as the designer stage I was about to speak on, Jenn raised a brow and pointed down my torso. “Your fly’s undone.”

How much does humor factor into your keynotes?

Humor is essential to integrating new ideas! It diffuses stress and relaxes the brain. We take in information more readily, associate it more freely with our own experiences, and apply it to our lives. But also, humor is an extremely effective way to build community. It highlights similarities in a group as we all get the joke, laugh, and suddenly realize something common is at play in the room. We start to feel safe. We sense a new permission to connect with each other. We feel more comfortable being ourselves. Relating. Building new bonds. And in the best talks, a palpable micro-community develops.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

There is nothing more exciting than when you feel a spark suddenly start to glow inside you. It’s the spark of an idea that is yours. It’s bloomed from a deeply authentic place of your own truth, and hopes, and dormant dreams. It’s often connected to you purpose. And this little spark carries the energy to change lives, from your own, to others, even rippling out to change the world. We need these sparks, they touch a part of us waiting to wake up. They bring out passions and purpose, and give us energy to act. It’s how real personal change happens, how we solve big problems at work, and together, in this world. Seeing that spark ignite, offering that spark as a speaker, inspires ME.

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  • Thoughtful
  • Free
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