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Rochelle Gapere

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Rochelle Gapere's blend of legal acumen and happiness coaching is the secret to your organization's success. Learn how to infuse joy and productivity into your work culture.

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Unlock Success with Rochelle Gapere, Attorney, Happiness Coach, and Entrepreneur. Her captivating charisma and scientific happiness techniques are the key to elevating your team's well-being and productivity. She also helps change how you view yourself and your thoughts, as she shares steps to creating a fundamentally joyous lifestyle. Experience an engaging, fulfilled life at every level with Rochelle's unique approach. Book her now for transformative insights!

Why book speaker Rochelle Gapere

  • Global Recognition: Rochelle’s recent acknowledgment as one of the Top 100 Female Empowerment Speakers by Engage, LLC, solidifies her global impact, assuring your event of a speaker with unparalleled influence and reach.
  • Legal Brilliance for Business: Benefit from Rochelle’s legal prowess, seamlessly integrated into her coaching approach, offering invaluable insights that align legal principles with corporate success.
  • Award-Winning Expertise: Rochelle Gapere, recipient of The Florida Bar YLD Michael K. Reese Quality of Life Award, brings award-winning expertise to your event, guaranteeing a keynote speech that stands out.

Rochelle Gapere is known for her unique ability to connect with her audience, bringing her charismatic personality and sheer joy for living to every encounter. She has mastered the art of living life fully and passionately, and she is here to share her expertise with your organization. With a background as an Attorney, Happiness Coach, and Entrepreneur, Rochelle offers a holistic approach to achieving happiness in all aspects of life.

Rochelle’s insights, which are deeply rooted in the science of happiness and positive psychology, have made her an Amazon bestselling author with her book, “One Happy Thought at a Time: 30 Days to a Happier You.” Through science-based tools and techniques, she empowers individuals and teams to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Her philosophy is simple: happiness is not just a destination; it’s a way of life that can be cultivated and shared.

When you book Rochelle for your event, you’re not just getting a keynote speaker; you’re inviting a transformative experience. Her motivational talks not only inspire but also equip your team with practical techniques to lead happier, more engaged lives both at work and beyond. Her unique blend of legal acumen and happiness coaching sets her apart in the world of keynote speakers.

So, if you’re looking to revitalize your organization, boost employee well-being, and enhance productivity, it’s time to consider booking Rochelle Gapere for your event. With her motivational insights and evidence-based tools, she will guide your team on a journey towards a more fulfilled, joyful, and successful future. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your organization’s well-being.

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Keynote by speaker Rochelle Gapere

How a Growth Mindset Enhances your Happiness

Are you stuck in a cycle of unfulfilling routines, craving growth and joy? How can you break free and infuse your life with happiness?

Enter Rochelle Gapere’s transformative keynotes on happiness. Discover the power of cultivating a growth mindset, unlocking pathways to fulfillment in your personal and professional life. Rochelle guides you through a roadmap to happiness, providing practical tools for designing a rewarding career and fostering positive workplace environments.

Her insights on embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion redefine happiness at its core. Elevate your mindset with Rochelle’s powerful strategies, maximizing happiness and mental health on purpose. Manifest your most magical life now.

This keynote can include the following topics:

  • Infusing Your Life and Career with Happiness to Enhance Your Wellbeing.
  • Bringing Your Best Self into 2024.
  • Infusing Your Life and Career with Happiness.
  • A Roadmap to Happiness.
  • Designing a Rewarding & Fulfilling Career.
  • Designing a Positive Workplace for Employee Wellbeing.
  • Renewing Your Mind for Optimal Happiness and Mental Health.
  • Maximize Your Happiness on Purpose.
  • Manifesting Your Most Magical Life Now.
  • Cultivating Community & Happiness.
  • How Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Increases Happiness in the Workplace.
  • Happiness Begins with Inclusion and Belonging.

Engage Rochelle Gapere for a keynote experience that sparks lasting joy, growth, and renewal.

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Speaker Rochelle Gapere on everyday happiness.

In this energetic clip, Rochelle shares with the audience a couple of her happiness hacks.

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"Thank you so much Rochelle for partnering with us for today’s event. What a powerful speaking session! I sincerely got so much value from that, you have no idea. You definitely are the break out star of this year’s event!"

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