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Stress Coaching

Stress Coaching Speakers

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About Stress Coaching

  • We have come to accept the fact that there is indeed such a thing as stress but many people don’t seem to know just how dangerous stress can actually be.
  • Stress happens when we work our body and our mind too hard, take on too many tasks, work too hard. Deadline follows deadline and while we are hard at work on one task there are three or four waiting already.
  • In the end both body and mind will give in. The result may be wild mood swings, states of depression as well as physical symptoms such as headache, sore muscles, stomach ache, high blood pressure and, in extreme cases, paralysis.
  • Keynote speakers on stress coaching look at what we can do to prevent stress and to end stress. It is indeed possible to do something, and something does need to be done because stress is no joke.