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Build Resilient Teams: Navigating Stress and Uncertainty with Navy SEAL Strategies

Rich Diviney

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Former Navy SEAL Officer, Rich Diviney, reveals the secrets of high-performing teams. Elevate your organization's performance with his transformative keynotes.

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Looking for an extraordinary keynote speaker who will captivate your audience and drive meaningful change? Look no further than Rich Diviney, the renowned Navy SEAL Officer turned motivational speaker. With his unparalleled insights into high-performance teams and leadership excellence, Rich will inspire, educate, and empower your organization like never before. Book Rich Diviney for your event and unlock the secrets of optimal performance. Your audience will be engaged, motivated, and equipped with practical strategies to achieve extraordinary results. Don't miss the opportunity to have Rich Diviney ignite positive transformation in your team. Secure your Rich Diviney booking today and take your organization to new heights.

Why you should book Rich Diviney for your next event

  • Unlock Peak Performance: Rich Diviney reveals the secrets behind high-performing teams, equipping your organization with the tools to achieve optimal performance and exceed goals.
  • Practical Strategies for Success: Book Rich Diviney to gain access to battle-tested strategies and actionable insights that can be immediately applied to drive meaningful change and results within your organization.
  • Leadership Expertise Honed in the Elite: Benefit from the invaluable insights of Rich Diviney, a former Commanding Officer of SEAL Team Six, the world’s most elite special operations unit.

Introducing Rich Diviney, a keynote speaker who transcends the ordinary, inspiring audiences with his remarkable journey from Navy SEAL Officer to a renowned motivational speaker. With Rich Diviney, you can expect an unforgettable experience that will propel your organization to new heights.

As a highly decorated former Navy SEAL Officer with over 20 years of experience, Rich Diviney draws upon his extensive background in leadership, team dynamics, and optimal performance to deliver impactful keynotes that leave a lasting impression. His unique insights and battle-tested strategies resonate with audiences, igniting a passion for excellence and inspiring positive change.

When you book Rich Diviney as your keynote speaker, you unlock a wealth of knowledge and practical tools that are directly applicable to your organization. He dives deep into the core attributes that drive optimal performance, revealing the hidden drivers of success that can be harnessed by individuals and teams alike.

Rich Diviney’s motivational speaking engagements go beyond surface-level inspiration. He shares the secrets behind high-performing teams, providing actionable strategies that will empower your organization to achieve peak performance. From leadership excellence to building resilient teams, Rich equips your audience with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

What sets Rich Diviney apart is his ability to connect with diverse audiences. His dynamic speaking style, authenticity, and captivating storytelling captivate and engage attendees, ensuring that his message resonates long after the event. Whether it’s a conference, corporate event, or team-building session, Rich Diviney’s keynotes inspire transformational change.

Booking Rich Diviney for your event is a powerful investment in your organization’s success. His insights and strategies have been embraced by leading companies, empowering teams to exceed goals, overcome challenges, and foster a culture of excellence. With Rich Diviney, you gain a trusted partner who will help unlock the full potential of your team, driving lasting and meaningful results.

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Leading Superheroes: The 5 Secrets to High Performing Teams

Unleash the power of optimal performance with Rich Diviney’s captivating keynote talks. Drawing on his experience as a former Navy SEAL Officer, Rich delivers inspiring and actionable insights that drive transformational leadership. Elevate your organization, exceed goals, and ignite lasting change with Rich Diviney’s engaging and impactful keynotes.


  • Learn the difference between “peak” performance and “optimal” performance and why it matters.
  • Unpack trust as the vital factor in maintaining optimal performance, and how to build it.
  • Unlock a critical key of enabling better performance by throwing out the age-old “task organization chart”
  • Recognize that “resilience” is only one sided of the equation and why simply being able to “bounce back” is not enough.
  • Discover the critical mistake of hiring for “top talent” and, instead, focus on hiring and cultivating the right talent.
  • Explore the concept of becoming “Masters of Uncertainty” and why it is critical these days to train for certainty and educate for uncertainty.
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