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Matthew Brandt

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Former member of the U.S. Navy, change facilitator and organizational coach helping businesses create winning teams

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Keynote speaker Matthew Brandt takes charge of change. As “the Fixer” he helps companies to create the dream team that will win your business in the end of the day. Matthew Brandt facilitates business processes through critical and realistic analysis. Pragmatic and entertaining, Matthew Brandt reveals business tips derived from his instincts, experiences and learnings in his previous occupations as a cop and in the U.S. Navy.

Matthew Brandt’s life story has taught him what difficult decisions and situations look like. Losing his brother in his early childhood, Matthew had to learn early what it is like to overcome hardship.

Later on, Matthew Brandt became a member of the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard and was assigned to President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff and Arlington National Ceremony. State dinners, ceremonies and military funerals dominated his daily life until he decided to take on another path and joined law enforcement.

Serving 20 years as a street cop, Matthew had to witness a lot of traumatic events. Although homicides, a school massacre and suicides in his surrounding shaked his ideals to the very foundations, Matthew was able to always keep a positive mindset. As resilience and resistivity became his core competencies, Matthew Brandt started to use them to help others. Matthew brings into business what street cops learn early on in their career: to separate emotion from action; that’s how they survive life on the street.

Matthew Brandt has a genuine, down to earth, common sense approach to life. He has excelled at being the “fixer” of organizations, teams and staff problems at the their core. Helping clients to re-focus, re-organize and to take the sometimes tough decisions necessary in order to stay successful is Matthew’s passion.

His real-world stories make him an authentic and trustable speaker who aside from the sobriety of the problems never forgets to laugh.

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Accountability, the most efficient way to instill organization wide performance and ensures everyone is on the same playing field. You see, in society there are classes of people, let’s face it; there just is.

Organizations are not like society however. Organizations exist for one purpose; to carry out the mission of that organization. We all have different purposes at work, but the desired outcome is the same. We exist to do “something” that in turn, has a return to organization, normally to make money and pay those employees for their efforts.

Accountability should be an organization wide mantra that is adhered to, supported and part of the cultural mindset of your organization. From top to bottom; from CEO to the custodian, being accountable both at work is a cultural application that once instilled, will begin to build productivity and returns on investment ten-fold.

Once employees understand, see and believe accountability is practiced by supervisors, leaders, and their peers, then they will follow suit. That however is sometimes difficult carry out. Some people simply don’t have it in their DNA and struggle with it every day, at no fault of their own. It’s just who they are. Those individuals we should not hire in the first place and the ones we need to root out from the masses and provide opportunities to succeed in another organization, like your competitor.

There is nothing more damaging to an organization than leaders that claim to be accountable and have expectations that those below him/her will do the same only to find in some way they do not play by those same rules. You will turn fantastic employees into the least productive, most disgruntled of any you have.

Add in a generation of up and coming Millennials and Generation Z aged employees that already have a new and unique (to you) views of organizational needs, then any failure by leaders in this venue will ensure certain disaster for your organization.

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