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Former Navy SEAL and author tells his story about mental toughness

Mark Divine

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Mark Divine shares his story of transformation and adaption. After an initial career in finance, he joined the Navy SEALS and later moved up the ranks to Commander before retiring.

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Mark Divine left a rewarding financial career with a company, which is now PriceWaterhouse Coopers to join the elite Navy SEAL group. Finishing with the #1 rank in his SEAL trainee class, he dedicated nine years as an active-duty Navy SEAL officer and committed 11 years in the reserves before his retirement in 2011 as a Commander. Divine now travels the country to share powerful insights for increasing mental strength. The unique program is based upon his experiences, which offer practical tools for enhancing physical and mental toughness.

Why you should book Mark Divine for your next evnet

  • Audiences relate to Mark Divine’s popular SEALFIT program for physical and mental toughness for professionals, military, and first responders. Listeners receive actionable guidance, which is easily integrated into daily life.
  • His presentation prepares audiences to use effective tools and strategies for tackling obstacles to experience extraordinary productivity and performance despite challenges.
  • Divine’s book, Unbeatable Mind offers readers a program for an at-home study designed to build physical and mental toughness. Another book by Divine is 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, which offers fitness guidance.

Mark Divine joined the Navy after leaving a rewarding accounting career and a major firm. For nearly a decade, he served the country in active duty as a Navy SEAL and later served in the reserves. After retiring from the Navy at the Commander rank, Divine co-founded (CBC) Coronado Brewing Company and the website NavySEALs.com.

He later sold his ownership interest in the CBC company. Focusing on NavySEALs.com, the former SEAL offers information about the SEALs. By 2006, he launched US Tactical, which offers training and mentoring to Navy recruits and SEAL trainees. As a government contractor, some credit his innovative program for reducing the trainee attrition rate by five per cent. His success inspired Divine to create the SEALFIT physical and mental strength program.

As a black belt in Goju Ryu Karate and Seido, he has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of martial arts. He also teaches Ashtanga Yoga and developed the unique Unbeatable Warrior Yoga program for aspiring students.

He is experienced in training professionals and special ops candidates to enhance mental toughness. In 2011, Divine incorporated the information from his years of hands-on combat and training into the book, Unbeatable Mind. Offering support across the nation to military, professionals, and first responders, Divine offers a unique program for overcoming challenges with mental toughness.

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Speaking topics

Mark will talk about the following topics in his keynotes:

  • Transformation and adaption
  • Mental toughness
  • Training and mentoring
  • Success
  • Overcoming challenges
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Emotional Resiliency & Mental Toughness

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The Mindset of a Warrior - Mark Divine

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Overcoming Laziness from Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Competence - Mark Divine

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Positive first words with Mark Divine

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