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Emilia van Hauen

travels from Denmark

Cultural sociologist, marketing expert and best-selling author sharing her knowledge on social trends

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Keynote speaker Emilia van Hauen is a cultural sociologist and marketing expert and one of Scandinavia's most sought-after keynote speakers and most quoted sociologists on the topics of current trends and social tendencies and phenomena. She is especially concerned about modern ways of life and social trends, with a particular focus on generations Y, Z and Alpha and gender thematic.

Speaker Emilia van Hauen is a blogger at Huffington Post and a regular contributor to many of the major, tone-setting daily newspapers, magazines, TV stations and radio channels in Denmark. She has also had the opportunity to comment on Danish society in foreign media, including BBC World, the BBC, RTL, Libération, French Elle and various Swedish and Norwegian media outlets. In addition to this, she is a board member in three companies, one is the Danish cultural institution Messecenter Herning.

Emilia van Hauen graduated in the social sciences, holds the HD(A) (bachelor in business administration and marketing) and has taken the Copenhagen Business School’s Executive Board Program (completed with honours).

Emilia van Hauen is the author of six books, two bestsellers. Her latest, The tyranny of success – and the way out, 2017, followed her second bestseller, Ladycool: Your Gender is a Strength, Use It! Her fourth book also became a national bestseller, Goodbye Egoparty.

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Keynote by speaker Emilia van Hauen

Goodbye to the Tyranny of Success and Hello to Communities and Contribution

Our society and life has never been this complex, so only very few feel they are a success, while the rest just feel stressed out (up to 60 %), anxious (30%), depressed (20%) and lonely. Which happens for all of us – the accountant, the artist, the CEO, and the teenager who is only just starting to meet the demands of adult life. And this has a bad impact on not only our privat lives; it also has on our ability to work together and create a good working environment.

Audience takeaways:

  • Diagnose of the conditions of modern life
  • Get a new understanding of what KPI means
  • What is ontological security? And why it is important
  • Good relations matter more than anything
  • We all need to contribute to feel happy
  • Neo-tribal communities is the future – and the answer
  • Co-creation is not easy – but it is necessary. And fun!

The talk is uplifting, enlightening, and sharp, and through funny and moving stories,
interesting examples, and simple exercises, you will learn how to say goodbye to the
tyranny of success and instead focus on strengthening your community.

Keynote by speaker Emilia van Huen

Unruly Women Have More Fun

Fortunately, history offers a wide range of inspiring unruly women! Who has expanded our ways of thinking, acting, creating, loving, laughing, and socializing. In short: They have made life much better, more interesting – and just.

How? By not being ruled by the traditional norms, structures, values, and expectations to their role as a woman. Instead, they are ruled by their own desires. And thus, their own creativity, thoughts, needs, strengths, and dreams – and hereby is able to give their own free, strong, and original contribution to the community. For all to thrive and develop.  Unruly women are inspiring, funny, alive, and interesting to be with as they embrace life with happy expectations of creating the world of tomorrow.

Audience takeaways:

  • Beauty. Sexuality. Sociality. The 3 areas of life in which women traditionally have been ruled.
  • The most important belief women need to have in order to change society
  • Inspiring and entertaining examples of unruly women in world history
Keynote by speaker Emilia van Hauen

Why Danes are the Happiest People. You Can Join The Tribe!

The Danes are the world’s most trusting people, we have the lowest levels of corruption and the highest levels of democracy, high equality, and we raise our children to be highly independent and group oriented at the same time.

The Danes’ most important values are equality, open mindedness and community – and they are practiced daily both in work and leisure. Many of these features make the danes good representatives for the people of the future, as we are entering a time where co-creation is the key to success.

Audience takeaways:

  • Get inspired and learn more about who the Danes are.
  • What it is the Danes have.
  • Which conditions will shape the society of the future.
  • which qualities to grow in order to do well, for both people and planet.
Keynote by speaker Emilia van Hauen

Generation Y & Z: How to Attract, Withold and Lead Them.

By 2015 75 % of the workforce is constituted by Generation Y (born 1980-1995). And the Z’s (born 1996-2010) are just behind them. They are driven by purpose, freedom and communities and a desire to improve the world. They have a tolerant relation to gender, are (preferably) living as digital nomads – and most important is having a life-career.
Undoubtedly – the generational shift is ON! The big question is how do we attract and withhold them?

Audience takeaways:

  • What motivates Y&Z’s. And how do we attract and withhold them?
  • Myths and facts about the young generations
  • 50% of their jobs are not invented yet.
  • The 4 demands they are ruled by in order to obtain success (they think!)
  • Young people’s communities are neo-tribal. What does it mean? And how do you create
  • Leadership: What works and what does not work at all!

The talk is informative and entertaining and through stories and examples you will understand what drives these young generations. You will also know how to motivate and work with them, so that you together create the best working environment for all generations.


Interview with Emilia van Hauen

Who or what inspires you most?

Stories about people. About how we choose to live our lives and which relationships we have and nurture. I am especially interested in the conflicts and longings that we experience in our lifetime. On one hand it depends on what is in focus in a specific day and age, and on the other hand it is completely universal across time, lifestyle and nationality. Most people “just” want to be loved and have close relationships – and the opportunity to contribute with something meaningful to their communities.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your career as a culture sociologist?

The opportunity to share my thoughts with others through my keynotes. It is a special gift to see the lights be turned on in someone’s eyes while you are speaking, starting a dialogue – and then seeing them go home and change something in their life to the better. Or find peace where they already are.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I meditate – usually in the bathroom to have a moment alone before speaking (!) – and gather my energy before I go on stage. And before that, I always tailor my presentations to fit the audience that I am speaking to. And before that, I continuously develop my existing keynotes and create new ones that fit the challenges of the time. I stay informed on many, many platforms and gather everything that catches my attention in my books and my keynotes.

What particular strengths do you think women in leadership roles can contribute with?

For thousands of generations, women have been trained to be what you can call the social gender, and the ability to bind together a group of people, include everyone, and create committed communities is something that we need now more than ever. We are seeing more and more companies scrap performance testing and change their hierarchies, and that is necessary if they want to keep women while at the same time attracting younger generations of men.

What is the main message that you hope audiences take away from your talks on modern day “success tyranny”?

That all research (and experience!) shows that there are only two things that result in good, happy lives: 1. Having good and close relationships and 2. Contributing to the communities that we are a part of. And finally, we need to understand in our hearts that success and failure are just data to help us understand what works and what doesn’t – they are NOT identities to take on.

What are your three best tips for women in business?

  • Know your value – and ask to be payed for what you are really contributing with.
  • Be honest with yourself – and stand up for yourself, your values and your format – this makes you more original and creative, which means that you are contributing your best.
  • Be aware that we are people first, not a gender – so don’t limit yourself because of stereotypical ideas about how women should behave, look, act or earn things.
See keynotes with Emilia van Hauen
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