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Emilia van Hauen

travels from Denmark

Cultural sociologist, marketing expert and best-selling author sharing her knowledge on social trends

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Keynote speaker Emilia van Hauen is a cultural sociologist and marketing expert and one of Scandinavia's most sought-after keynote speakers and most quoted sociologists on the topics of current trends and social tendencies and phenomena. She is especially concerned about modern ways of life and social trends, with a particular focus on generations Y, Z and Alpha and gender thematic.

Speaker Emilia van Hauen is a blogger at Huffington Post and a regular contributor to many of the major, tone-setting daily newspapers, magazines, TV stations and radio channels in Denmark. She has also had the opportunity to comment on Danish society in foreign media, including BBC World, the BBC, RTL, Libération, French Elle and various Swedish and Norwegian media outlets. In addition to this, she is a board member in three companies, one is the Danish cultural institution Messecenter Herning.

Emilia van Hauen graduated in the social sciences, holds the HD(A) (bachelor in business administration and marketing) and has taken the Copenhagen Business School’s Executive Board Program (completed with honours).

Emilia van Hauen is the author of six books, two bestsellers. Her latest, The tyranny of success – and the way out, 2017, followed her second bestseller, Ladycool: Your Gender is a Strength, Use It! Her fourth book also became a national bestseller, Goodbye Egoparty.

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    Keynote by Speaker Emilia van Hauen

    Goodbye to success tyrannny – and hello to contributions and relations

    • The greatest challenge facing the modern human is the ability to answer “yes” to the question: Am I successful?
    • Remarkably few can! Modern life is so complex that we never really know whether we are successful or not. This challenge is not getting smaller as our culture and economy continue to grow. Instead, we have more and more to live up to!
    • Most of us already live in a success tyranny in which we try to live up to a long list of demands. These may seem trivial, but when added up, they result in a life that leaves us no time to embrace our communities and do the things that we are actually good at. This is true for all of us – the accountant, the artist, the CEO, and the teenager who is only just starting to meet the demands of adult life.
    • The success tyranny is a direct way to stress and anxiety, and often creates a bad working and family environment. In spite of this, we rarely speak out about it because it is associated with shame and taboos. But it is important that we dare to talk about it if we want to free ourselves and our surroundings.
    • It is actually rather simple: Our lives become meaningful and dignified when we have meaningful relationships and the ability to contribute to our communities.
    • This keynote is about:
      – Contributions and relations lead to true success
      – The 13 areas of life wherein we plan our way to failure while chasing success.
      – Success is not fact. It is a feeling that we can create for ourselves.
      – The Fraud Syndrome: Something almost everyone suffers from.
      – Relational and productive capital: Two new terms that make it easier to achieve true success in life.
    • The keynote is uplifting, enlightening, and sharp, and you will learn how the conditions of our time (Facebook, coaching, and celebrities) have made our ideals unattainable – and how you can kiss these hopeless ideals goodbye! Although life cannot be written into simple formulas, you will get a practical model of what gives life value. Through funny and moving stories, interesting examples, and simple exercises, you will learn how to say goodbye to the success tyranny and instead focus on strengthening your communities!


    Keynote by Speaker Emilia van Hauen

    Understand the Danes – and join the tribe!

    • The Danes are the world’s most trusting people, we have the lowest levels of corruption and the highest levels of democracy, high equality, and we raise our children to be highly independent and group oriented at the same time. The Danes’ most important values are equality, open-mindedness and community – and they are practiced daily both in work and leisure. Many of these features make the Danes good representatives for the people of the future, as we are entering a time where co-creation is the key to success.
    • Learn more about who the Danes are, what it is they’ve got, which conditions will shape the society of the future – and which qualities to grow in order to do well.


    Keynote by Speaker Emilia van Hauen

    Become rich, powerful and loved using erotic capital

    • If you can say “yes” to the following:
      – Do you want more clout?
      – Do you want to be perceived as more honest and competent?
      – Would you like to have an easier time finding friends, getting a job and getting married (if you aren’t already, of course)?
      – Would you like to earn 15 percent more than average?
    • …then you should grow your erotic capital!
    • In a humorous way, this uplifting peptalk for men as well as women demonstrates how we can make our everyday lives more fun, more exciting, and, in particular, more social by sharing even more of ourselves. It is all about learning to drop the taboos and instead grow the 6 elements that make up erotic capital – a new and interesting concept that is making headway all around the world.
    • The keynote is aimed at both genders and a wide audience. It is relevant at serious conferences, leadership forums, internal and external events – across departments – and as warm-up at more festive occasions.


    Keynote by Speaker Emilia van Hauen

    Ladycool: Your gender is your strength – use it!

    • Emilia’s new book “Ladycool” became an instant bestseller in Denmark when it was published in March 2014. This keynote is based on the book and is very popular in networks, organizations, and businesses with many female employees and female leaders.
    • It is not cool for a boy or a man to be associated with femininity, while girls and women often gain status when they are attributed masculine characteristics. In a sharp but humorous way, this keynote addresses many of the historical and cultural prejudices that women still face today. Emilia then turns these prejudices around and explores how we can use them to our advantage. Being a women is actually a blessing! We have more options than men to unfold all sides of ourselves. We just have to believe that they are valuable.
    • Time is on our side. The world is experiencing a social revolution wherein the feminine is gaining the same high status as the masculine, because we – and society – need it! But in a contemporary version that complies with all the roles, tasks, relations, and values that women have today. And so that we can contribute in the best possible way to our communities – on our own terms!
    • In short, we as women need to (re)discover how fun, important, and valuable our feminine qualities also are. We need to become ladycool so that we can truthfully say: “I am loved. I am free. I am beautiful. I am important.”
    • Experience an exciting, challenging, and entertaining keynote which will teach you how to love your feminine side. And show you how you can use it much more and better in your day-to-day life – both at home and at work. You will be actively involved and hear many funny and exciting stories – and, finally, you will leave feeling uplifted and with a renewed wish to contribute to the world around you with your special female talent.

Interview with Emilia van Hauen

Who or what inspires you most?

Stories about people. About how we choose to live our lives and which relationships we have and nurture. I am especially interested in the conflicts and longings that we experience in our lifetime. On one hand it depends on what is in focus in a specific day and age, and on the other hand it is completely universal across time, lifestyle and nationality. Most people “just” want to be loved and have close relationships – and the opportunity to contribute with something meaningful to their communities.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your career as a culture sociologist?

The opportunity to share my thoughts with others through my keynotes. It is a special gift to see the lights be turned on in someone’s eyes while you are speaking, starting a dialogue – and then seeing them go home and change something in their life to the better. Or find peace where they already are.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I meditate – usually in the bathroom to have a moment alone before speaking (!) – and gather my energy before I go on stage. And before that, I always tailor my presentations to fit the audience that I am speaking to. And before that, I continuously develop my existing keynotes and create new ones that fit the challenges of the time. I stay informed on many, many platforms and gather everything that catches my attention in my books and my keynotes.

What particular strengths do you think women in leadership roles can contribute with?

For thousands of generations, women have been trained to be what you can call the social gender, and the ability to bind together a group of people, include everyone, and create committed communities is something that we need now more than ever. We are seeing more and more companies scrap performance testing and change their hierarchies, and that is necessary if they want to keep women while at the same time attracting younger generations of men.

What is the main message that you hope audiences take away from your talks on modern day “success tyranny”?

That all research (and experience!) shows that there are only two things that result in good, happy lives: 1. Having good and close relationships and 2. Contributing to the communities that we are a part of. And finally, we need to understand in our hearts that success and failure are just data to help us understand what works and what doesn’t – they are NOT identities to take on.

What are your three best tips for women in business?

  • Know your value – and ask to be payed for what you are really contributing with.
  • Be honest with yourself – and stand up for yourself, your values and your format – this makes you more original and creative, which means that you are contributing your best.
  • Be aware that we are people first, not a gender – so don’t limit yourself because of stereotypical ideas about how women should behave, look, act or earn things.
See keynotes with Emilia van Hauen
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