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Social Capital

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About Social Capital

  • The concept of social capital refers to the connections that occur when people gather in groups both large and small. One can speak of social capital in the context of national identity, but also on a smaller scale, for example, the culture around a football team or a small business, fans of a particular music group and similar groups. The central premise of social capital is that social networks have value.
  • Social capital can often portray the status individuals can achieve by forming communities of various kinds, and in the academic world the concept is often linked to Pierre Bourdiieu and Robert Putnam. Social capital creates value for the people who are connected and – at least sometimes – for bystanders as well. In the world of business, social capital is also of great value, because social networks that include people who trust and assist each other can be a powerful asset. Along with economic capital, social capital is a very valuable mechanism in economic growth.
  • A keynote on social capital is useful for even the smallest business as network and unity can be extremely important. The keynotes are also ideal as open events when the issue is of great importance to many, and there are many who are looking to create a network. Keynote speakers on social capital can help inspire audiences and explain why social networks are essential in modern society.