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Alvin Law

Motivational Speaker & Storyteller
Country: Canada

Keynote speaker Alvin Law is the attitude provocateur. The Hall-of-fame speaker uses his story to challenge and inspire even the most resistant, heard-it-all-before audience. Born without arms, Alvin Law is the living example of how the impossible can be turned into the usual and how the power of attitude changes everything. Alvin Law will motivate and inspire you in a way you have never been before.

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Alvin Law is one of North America’s most admirable inspirational speakers. Since the founding of AJL Communications Ltd. in 1988, he has brought his Attitude Revolution to over 2 million people on five continents around the world. Before, he already presented his life story publicly already sind 1981. He has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an honour possessed by less than ten percent of professional speakers worldwide. In 2009, Alvin was inducted into the Canadian Association of Speakers (CAPS) Hall of Fame.

Alvin’s road to become who he is today was long and difficult. Like 13,000 other babies born in the early 1960ies, Alvin Law suffered the direct consequences of Thalidomide – a drug prescribed to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy. He was born without arms. As Alvin’s deformity put his family in a seemingly hopeless situation, they gave him up for adoption.

Change would have it that he ended up with Hilda Law, a fifty-five year old foster mother who, along with her husband, Jack, took in neglected and abused children. They loved and encouraged them back from their hopelessness and, through social service programs, sent them to couples yearning for adoptions. They were truly special people.

Through hope, dedication and infinite belief, Hilda and Jack opened the world for Alvin and made it possible for him to build up a life by using his feet for hands. Alvin Law attended regular school and was lucky to have teachers who realized his talents.

When discovering his musical ability and starting to play multiple instruments, Alvin Law’s life took the final turn towards the amazing. Within an impossibly short time, he became an award winning musician and graduated from high school with honors. He then graduated, again with honors, from college… and he hasn’t slowed down since.

Aside from being a professional keynote speaker, Alvin Law is a qualified broadcaster and fundraiser, who has worked with non-profit groups, in advertising and public relations. Aside of this, Alvin Law has appeared in various media outlets.

Having Alvin Law as a keynote speaker will exceed your expectations. He will show any audience how to look beyond what they think is possible. They will learn that the only true obstacle, after all, is our own attitude – the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the people and situations around us.

    Keynote by Speaker Alvin Law

    The Attitude Effect

    Focus: leadership, for leaders, personal leadership
    Format: opening or closing keynote

    You’ve probably heard of The Butterfly Effect – a principle of chaos theory which states that a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico, at the right point in space and time, can cause a hurricane in China. It might take a while, but the connection is real. It’s an interesting way of expressing the fact that seemingly very small actions can have drastic effects.
    The Attitude Effect works the same way. A leader with a poor attitude tends to pass it on to employees and co-workers, lowering morale and creating a negative work environment. The good news? Our attitude is the one thing we have complete control over. We can’t always choose what happens to us on a day to day basis, but we can choose our attitude.

    Learn to:

    • Make The Attitude Effect work for you
    • How the interpretation of business and personal stresses impacts attitudes
    • How good attitude habits help you to become the kind of leader people are excited for working


    Keynote by Speaker Alvin Law

    There Really Is No Such Word As Can’t

    Focus: change management, culture, accountability
    Format: opening or closing keynote
    Alternate titles: There’s Always Something You Can Do; When Amazing is Your Normal

    Companies and organizations are constantly facing change. You may need to implement a simple process change, or completely overhaul your organization’s overall strategy and policy. No matter what the change is, it’s never easy. Employees are confused, productivity plummets, opportunities are lost and morale bottoms out. “Change fatigue” sets in. Cynicism and resistance become the norm. The company stagnates. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Learn to:

    • Adapt to and embrace change, and recommit to your role in the organization
    • Understand Alvin’s life story as an example of adaptability, resilience and drive
    • See yourselves as champions who can make the company more successful


    Keynote by Speaker Alvin Law

    Yes, You Can: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything

    Focus: team-building, employee engagement, employee appreciation/motivation
    Format: opening or closing keynote; half-day workshop; breakout session

    No matter who we are or what our job title is, one thing is true: we are all the leaders of our own lives. We are all creative problem solvers, and we all have unique value we bring to our personal and professional relationships. Thing is, we don’t always remember this about ourselves…or about our friends, family, co-workers, employees and team members. Caught up in the day-to-day grind, it’s pretty easy to forget. Personal leadership? Responsibility? Resiliency? They are attitudes. And these attitudes can be learned by anyone.

    Learn to:

    • Alvin Law’s strategies for enhancing and sustaining attitudes of leadership, responsibility and resiliency both on the job and in your personal life.
    • How to apply these time-tested techniques to spark your creativity, recognize your value
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