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Warren Macdonald

travels from Canada

Mountaineer best-known for being the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro

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Keynote speaker Warren Macdonald is a mountaineer, redefining the known limits for amputees. Warren was the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa’s tallest mountain Mt Kilimanjaro. Warren Macdonald is an impressive speaker, he gives honest and authentic talks about the importance of the mindset, resilience and patient care.

1997 was a fateful year for keynote speaker and adventurer Warren Macdonald. His accident on North Queensland’s (Australia) Hinchinbrook Island while climbing to the Island’s tallest peak should redefine his life boundaries. Warren Macdonald became trapped beneath a one-ton slab boulder in a freak rock fall. Two days later he was rescued, only to undergo the amputation of both legs at the mid thigh.

Motivational speaker Warren Macdonald did not let his fate break his will for adventure. In less than a year after the accident, he climbed the Tasmanian Cradle Mountain using a modified wheelchair and the seat of his pants. The climb of Mt Kilimanjaro followed in 2003 and after that the unbelievable effort of the ascent of America’s tallest cliff face, El Capitan.

Warren Macdonald published his lessons of life in the Australian bestseller “A Test of Will” and was featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel series “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”. Another documentary, “The Second Step”, treats the epic four-week journey to Federation Peak, Australia’s most challenging  mountain summit.

When giving talks, speaker Warren Macdonald works effectively and successfully with teams outside and within the healthcare sector. He empowers, engages and inspires. By taking his life story as an example, Warren Macdonald is able to infect teams with a mindset of, as he calls it, “Bring it!”. Warren is a keynote speaker who pushes boundaries and helps you to make the impossible possible.

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    Keynote Speaker Warren Macdonald

    The Power of Perception

    If your team or your members can’t see where you’re going, what are the chances they’ll get on-board?

    Key Takeaways:

    • An understanding of the incredible importance of mindset, and how perception is the most important factor when it comes to limiting, or improving, our performance.
    • Specific tools and techniques to help break through the barriers that limit us.
    • How to develop strategies to counter inevitable setbacks that always come when pursuing big goals.

    Keynote Speaker Warren Macdonald

    Return on Resilience: Bouncing Back is just the Beginning

    If there’s one certainty, in business and in life, it’s that we will all face challenges; that we will all, at some point be faced with a seeming insurmountable obstacle or obstacles. When that happens, it pays to have banked some resilience. This keynote presentation focuses on what we can do to prepare for our challenges in advance.

    Key Takeaways:

    • An understanding of how resilience is banked, and is transferable across all areas of our lives.
    • Specific tools and techniques to build resilience.
    • Learn that “Bouncing Back” is just the beginning. By practicing resilience, we position ourselves to Bounce Forward towards our goals.

    Keynote Speaker Warren Macdonald

    Next Level Quality of Care: A Patients Testimony – a presentation tailored to caregivers

    After his accident, Warren Macdonald has seen firsthand what caregivers do. He has been there, on the receiving end. He had never been in hospital before until that night, after being rescued off of the side of a remote mountain, when he was wheeled on a stretcher into that world…

    Ten days in intensive care; a month in the first hospital, then seven months of rehabilitation; learning how to live as a double above knee amputee, Warren know that what caregivers do to make a difference.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Validation of the importance for the role you play. You make a difference!
    • Strategies to improve the quality of care you deliver.
    • The importance of perception in your role in healthcare, both in how you see your patients and how you see yourself.

    Keynote Speaker Warren Macdonald

    The Challenge of Change: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

    We’ve all heard it a million times; “change is constant”, “the only certainty in life is change”, “change or perish”. We all know it; what we need is for someone to show us how to deal with it. Warren’s “Challenge of Change” presentation will help your group realize that challenges brought on by change hold endless opportunities for innovation and personal and professional growth. You can get a sneak peek of the presentation here.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Foster the ability to recognize and breakthrough mental barriers to change.
    • Tools to build resilience for both business and personal growth.
    • Develop a breakthrough mindset that seeks solutions and opportunities.

    Keynote Speaker Warren Macdonald

    One Step Beyond: Setting and Reaching Impossible Goals

    It’s all well and good to set seemingly impossible goals; the kind that has your team looking at you like you’re nuts. Like this time you’ve really lost it . . . You need them to see what you see. You need to convince them, to inspire your team to follow you.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Reinforced understanding of the power of purpose, i.e.: when we have purpose, we have an edge
    • The ability to see obstacles as stepping-stones toward our goals
    • A clear understanding of the importance of preparation in reaching your goals
Warren Macdonald - video

Find Your Connection | Warren Macdonald | TEDxAjman

Watch motivational speaker Warren Macdonald in action!

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Interview with Warren Macdonald

One of your keynotes is called “The Power of Perception”. How can perception influence teamwork?
Perception forms the basis of how we see the world; our attitudes; our engagement; everything stems from perception. A team needs to be aligned in it’s objective to achieve the results they need to achieve, so if one or more team members differ on the vision of where they’re headed, that’s going to be a problem. The thing is, we can change the way we see. We start by questioning our perception.

Why do you like to talk about teamwork?
I actually don’t talk a lot about teamwork. I touch on it, but my aim in any presentation is to empower each individual to be their best; to play a bigger game. A group of empowered individuals in an empowered team. The accident that made you a double above-knee amputee must have been incredibly difficult to overcome.

How was it possible for you to find the motivation to continue with mountaineering afterwards?
Now that is a big question, and why I wrote my book “A Test of Will”. The short answer is that I accepted what had happened quite quickly. When we don’t accept, we get stuck. Then, as I overcame each obstacle before me, I wanted to know what else I might be able to do. When you do that, then the challenges and accomplishments keep getting bigger and bigger. Next thing you know, you’re climbing a mountain.

Who is your keynote “Next Level Quality of Care: A Patient’s Testimony” tailored for and why?
It’s tailored for front line healthcare workers. People who are stressed and overworked and often forget why they got into healthcare in the first place. To help people. I remind them of the difference they make in peoples lives and that the work they do matters.

Can you provide three tips on how to build resilience for both business and personal growth?

  • Practice resilience. Look for any opportunity that stretches you; that takes you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t get too comfortable. Just because times are good doesn’t mean we should get lazy. Somebody is watching and looking to take a part of your business.
  • Don’t let things get too complicated. Reassess from time to time the things you do, be it personal habits, or process in the workplace. We often add layers of complexity to the things we do and overcomplicate things. Less is more. Stay lean and agile.’
See keynotes with Warren Macdonald
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