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Ronan Tynan

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Medical doctor, paralympian, recording artist and motivational speaker moving people like few others can

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Our keynote speaker Ronan Tynan, MD is a successful artist, storyteller, and his ability to inspire, motivate, and empower audiences make his performances unique. Dr. Ronan Tynan has performed at historic events including Ronald Reagan’s funeral and the Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral. His memorable renditions of “God Bless America” have been heard at the World Series, The Belmont Stakes, and other momentous events.

Our Irish speaker Ronan Tynan is a modern day renaissance man. Raised on a dairy farm in Kilkenny, Ireland, his personal story of triumph and his impassioned singing inspires audiences.  A natural born storyteller, and gifted with humour, Ronan’s message empowers audiences to overcome adversity, take risks and achieve peak performance.

Born with a lower limb disability, Dr. Ronan Tynan, was “as wild as a March hare” as a young man, riding horses and racing motorcycles.  While the first disabled student admitted to the National College of Physical Education in Limerick, Ronan suffered complications from an auto accident resulting in his legs being amputated at age 20.  Just weeks after the operation he was climbing the steps of his college dorm.  Within a year he was winning gold medals in the Paralympics.  Between 1981 and 1984 Dr. Tynan amassed 18 gold medals and set 14 world records.

Following a dream, Dr. Tynan pursued medical school at Trinity College.  During his residency as a physician specializing in orthopedic sports injuries, at the age of 33, he began formal voice study. With encouragement from his colleagues he not only entered Go for It, a televised BBC singing competition, but won! Selected to be a member of the Irish Tenors, Dr. Tynan was introduced to international audiences and has become known for his unique voice and irresistible appeal.

Acting on his mother’s advice, the talented speaker Ronan Tynan went on to launch a solo career.  He has achieved success that could have only existed in the farthest reaches of his dreams.  Dr. Tynan continues to tour with the Irish Tenors and as a solo artist.  He is the Alltech Artist in Residence at the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre and is one of the most sought after motivational speakers.

Profiled in the United States on television’s ABC’s 20/20 and PBS Sunday Morning, our keynote speaker Ronan Tynan moves people like few others can. His ability to easily connect with audiences along with his inspiring message about overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest promotes ways to reach new heights both professionally and personally.

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    Speaker Ronan Tynan Keynote Topics:

    • The role of mentorship in achievement
    • What attitudes shape success
    • The value of risk taking
    • Self-acceptance as the key to endless possibility

Interview with Ronan Tynan

How do audiences generally describe your talks?
The words that I hear most often from audiences are moving, powerful, thoughtful, nostalgic and inspiring.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?
I believe being asked to sing at President Ronald Reagan’s funeral would certainly be the most unique experience I have had and certainly the one that had the largest audience. More than 30 million people all over the globe watched the service.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?
My parents continue to be my biggest source of inspiration.

Who encouraged you to start your singing career?
My father encouraged me to follow my dream. Considering I was in the process of completing my medical degree, which I did, to have a parent both support and encourage you to follow singing and not medicine as a profession, this was a tremendous gift.

How do you prepare yourself before giving a keynote speech?
I always take time to consider my audience and if there is a conference theme, the theme. To speak in front of people and have the opportunity to connect, encourage and inspire them, this is a great responsibility. On the day of a speech, I take a half hour to myself right before the presentation. I take this time to go over my speech, being certain of the connections I wish to make with the particular group and I commit myself to giving the audience the best possible experience.

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