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Disability Awareness Speakers

We’ve always lived in a diverse world but organizations and businesses are starting to realize that they have the power to change the discourse of disability. We represent several disability awareness speakers who all talk about how to make inclusion and equality a reality in your organization.

Disability awareness speakers offer strategies and advice to leaders on how to welcome, talk about and understand disabilities. Disabilities can be physical, intellectual or cognitive, and studies show that around 15% of the world’s population suffer from a disability. Therefore, as leaders, managers and coworkers we must know how to understand life as a disabled.

Motivational Disability Awareness Speakers with practical tools and valuable insights

  • We represent a wide range of disability awareness speakers. Some offer inspirational personal stories, some provide a humorous optimistic approach and some offer practical tools and advice to include disabled people in the workplace.
  • By inviting a speaker on disability to your event, you’ll support an important and relevant topic. Topics like equality and inclusion are impossible to avoid and we must all consider how and where we can include and understand disabled people.

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Get valuable insights from keynote speakers on disability


A physical or mental disability is like a permanent disease. What challenges do disabled people meet in daily life and how do they deal with them? What is the difference between living with a disability as an adult and as a child? What is the best way to help children develop life quality and flexibility?


Keynote speakers on disability often choose to focus also on life quality, motivation and inspiration. Keynote speakers on disability might also themselves be disabled, providing a personal angle based on personal experiences.