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Elevate Workplace Disability Awareness

Simon Minty

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Elevate your organization’s understanding of disability inclusion and unlock its potential with Simon Minty's presentations tailored to your specific needs.

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Transform your organization’s approach to disability with keynote speaker Simon Minty. With international expertise, a diverse client list ranging from small NGOs to multinational corporations, and an engaging, humorous style, Simon delivers practical, inclusive solutions. Book Simon Minty for your event to foster a supportive, inclusive workplace culture and gain insights into best practices and legal considerations for disability inclusion.

Why you should book Simon Minty for your next event

  • Expertise in Disability Inclusion: Specializes in creating inclusive workplaces through disability consultancy and training, fostering diversity and belonging.
  • Practical Solutions: Provides actionable strategies for pan-disability issues, focusing on legal and best practice solutions.
  • Media Presence: Co-hosts “The Way We Roll” podcast and appears on UK television, sharing valuable perspectives on disability inclusion.

Keynote Speaker Simon Minty is renowned for his expertise in disability consultancy, training, and advocacy. With a wealth of experience, Simon delivers motivational speeches that inspire positive change within organizations worldwide.

Book Simon Minty for your event and bring his insightful perspective to your team. Simon’s engaging speaking style creates an open environment where delegates can explore the topic of disability and the workplace with humor and depth. Simon’s international work allows him to understand different cultural approaches to disability, making his insights relevant for diverse audiences. His focus on practical, legal, and best practice solutions ensures that organizations receive actionable strategies to promote inclusivity.

As a Non-Executive Director of Motability Operations plc and a board member of The National Theatre, Simon brings real-world experience to his keynotes. He’s also an Ambassador to the Business Disability Forum and Business Disability International, further establishing his authority in the field.

With a Post Graduate diploma in Disability Management at Work and a background in Philosophy and Sociology, Simon combines academic knowledge with practical experience. His personal journey, coupled with his professional expertise, makes him a compelling speaker for any organization seeking to create a more inclusive workplace culture. Book Simon Minty for your next event and empower your team to embrace diversity, improve morale, and drive success.

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Keynote by Simon Minty

Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Expert Insights on Disability Management

Are you facing challenges with Disability Management in your workplace? Discover practical solutions and gain valuable insights from Simon Minty’s customizable keynote speeches. Simon doesn’t just offer fixed speeches; he tailors his talks to your organization’s needs, aims, and objectives. Benefit from his international experience and expertise in disability consulting, covering legal compliance, inclusivity, and maximizing opportunities. Learn about the language of disability and foster a supportive environment. Elevate your organization’s approach to disability management. Book Simon Minty for your event now!

Possible takeaways: 

  • Tailored solutions for Disability Management challenges
  • Customizable keynote speeches based on your organization’s needs
  • Expertise in legal compliance and inclusivity
  • Practical insights on maximizing opportunities
  • Foster a supportive environment for disability management
Watch Simon Minty in action!

A Disability Access Journey with Simon Minty and Steph Lacey | RTS Cambridge Convention 2023

See keynotes with Simon Minty
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