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Dr. Majid Fotuhi

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Neurologist, professor, author, and dynamic speaker about boosting brain agility in midlife and how to stay sharp with aging

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Speaker Dr. Majid Fotuhi is a nationally recognized neurologist, an adjunct professor at George Washington Universiy, and the medical director of his own organization - the NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center.  He specializes in how to keep your brain sharp with aging and is sought after speaker for his engaging and fun lectures about "Growing Your Brain."  Auther of three books on this topic, Dr. Fotuhi uses scientifically based knowledge and research to showcase the capability of change and growth in your brain for a longer, youthful life. He has been featured in many naitonal media and has given presentations to large organizations in more than 20 countries around the world.

Why you should book speaker Dr. Majid Fotuhi:

  • Dr. Fotuhi is an acclaimed neurologist, author, and professor who has published his research in  international journals and his three books about the brain.  Dr. Majid Fotuhi received his doctorates degree from Harvard medical school and is proficient in his craft.  He has studied the leading causes of Alzheimer’s and now he educates audience members on how and why keeping your brain active, amongst many other things, prepares your brain for a long, youthful life.
  • He has his own neurology institute called the NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center. He personalizes on helping middle age people reach their peak brain performance and live longer.
  • He provides hope. In a world filled with fear and questions revolving around brain health, Dr. Fotuhi provides exciting aspirations for living longer and becoming sharper.  He gives clarity and scientific facts on how to better improve your brain’s health and functionality.

“You really can grow your brain and in doing so, you can defy aging.”- Speaker Majid Fotuhi

Dr. Fotuhi’s initial clinical research at Johns Hopkins focused on basic brain neurochemistry and on finding effective ways to prevent dementia. More specifically, he worked on longitudinal studies to determine the beneficial role of a combination of vitamins and natural supplements along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) in maintaining cognitive function and brain health. His current research focuses on improving treatment programs for patients with memory loss and/or post-concussive syndrome. He has published his research in prestigious international journals such as Brain Research, Journal of Neuroscience, the Lancet, Nature, Neurology, Neuron, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Dr. Fotuhi has dedicated much of his time to educating the public about memory, aging, and concussions. In his book, The Memory Cure: How to Protect Your Brain Against Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease, he provides clear and concise information about how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. His second book, entitled The New York Times Puzzles to Keep Your Brain Young: The 6 Step Age Defying Program, was released in January 2008. His most recent book, Boost Your Brain, teaches people how they can grow the size of their hippocampus.

Dr. Fotuhi has had two PBS programs, entitled “Conquering Memory Loss” and “Fight Alzheimer’s Early.” He has been interviewed by more than 50 media outlets including ABC News, CTV, CBS, TODAY show, Montel show, Fox News, Dr. Oz show, Discovery Channel, The Boston Globe, USA Today, Health magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, Forbes, BusinessWeek,The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Montreal Gazette, and The Times (London).

Dr. Fotuhi has taken a leadership role in medical education as well. He has received numerous awards for his innovative and dynamic teaching style. He is one of the most popular instructors at Harvard Medical School, where he designed and helped to build two 5-foot-tall brain models for his students in neuroanatomy classes. He won the distinguished teaching award from the American Academy of Neurology. He has presented academic lectures as the honorary visiting professor in Canada, Egypt, China, Israel, and Japan; he also had the honor of presenting a lecture at a United Nations meeting in New York, and at the legislative briefings for the house and senate in Maryland.

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Key note by speaker Dr. Majid Fotuhi

Boost Your Memory and Prevent Alzheimer's Disease, By Growing Your Brain (In 3 months)

Memory loss is often due to common health issues such as lack of sleep, too much work, stress, anxiety, and poor diet.  Memory loss with aging, due to these issues, can cause brain shrinkage. This means, more chronic symptoms, more shrinkage.  In this keynote Dr. Majid Fotuhi provides hope based on the ersults of the 12-week program he has provided for his patients over the past 10 years and discusses:

  • How people of all ages can reverse the effects of aging in their brains
  • How improving your brain and boosting your memory can produce noticeable results (growth within your brain) with as little as three months.
  • How the factors that make you sharper during midlife help you live longer and prevent Alzheimer’s disease


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