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About Brain

  • It does not quite make sense to discuss which body part is the most important one, but there can be little doubt that our brain is largely what makes us human. Without our brain and our intelligence we would hardly have come this far as a species.
  • But what do we really know about the brain? Speaking engagements about the brain will typically cover several different areas such as biology and psychology. How does the   brain function when we think, when we feel, when we dream, work, read or play music? And what happens if the brain is not working as it should be?
  • The brain is a bit like a hyper-advanced computer or thats what people usually say. But is this an appropriate description or simply the expression of a metaphor that is first and foremost a product of its time?
  • Brain research might sound like a complicated affair and that is also the case. However, we have speakers who not only knows about the brain, but simultaneously knows something about communication. They can take the complexity of the brain and present it in a way that is both understandable and exciting.