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Anette Prehn

Social Scientist & Applied Neuroscience Thought Leader
Country: Denmark

Keynote speaker Anette Prehn is an expert and pioneer in the field of neuroscience. She makes the complicated field of neuroscience research understandable to all types of audiences and shares findings on how best to change a mindset, make change stick, lead, and collaborate. All her motivational talks are spiced up with humor and thorough research.

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Anette Prehn is a pioneer in applied neuroscience and the go-to-person when it comes to turning the cutting-edge insights of neuroscience into down-to-earth tools for change management. She is a social scientist (M.A.), leadership trainer, motivational speaker and professional certified coach (PCC).

Anette works with two of the Top 5 biggest Nordic companies – and all of Denmark’s Top 3 banks – and has clients from e.g. Roche, Lego, Vestas and Novozymes. She is the author of “Play Your Brain” (Marshall Cavendish, 2011 – translated into complex Chinese, 玩樂到腦, in 2012) and two books on brain-based coaching published by Danish publishers.

In April 2009, Anette was honoured the title “Trainer of the Year – Leadership/Coaching” by Confex. Clients call her “a brilliant motivational speaker”, “the Danish Stephen Covey” and “a world class trainer”. Anette’s speeches and workshops are varied, engaging and inspiring experience – shifting between presentation, videos, exercises, down-to-earth tools, engaging anecdotes, tips & tricks and reflective questions.  The participants are encouraged to co-create the atmosphere – and constantly bridge the learning environment and their daily experiences/challenges for maximum application and benefit.

Anette at an event in Indonesia: 

    Keynote by Speaker Anette Prehn


    • Resistance to change is time-consuming and energy-draining.
    • 70% of all corporate change efforts fail.
    • Good intentions do not equal successful execution.
    • How do you dampen the threat responses that are triggered, when you introduce change?
    • What does it take to make people’s brains “play along” so they do not only see the point in the change efforts but also believe they can do it and that change is a route worth travelling?
    • How do you create change mindsets in your organisation?
    • The rules of the brain hold the key to understanding why change efforts go wrong and how to become a successful change leader.


    Keynote by Speaker Anette Prehn


    • Can you teach old dogs, new tricks?
    • And if so – how do you make it stick?
    • Self-directed neuroplasticity is the new darling of neuroscience – and for at good reason. It shows us that the brain changes all the time and that our attention is the crucial factor.
    • Learn how you get to master Attention Choreography as a leader – when interacting with others as well as yourself.
    • Learn also how to use your “willpower muscle” in brain-smart ways allowing for change to truly stick.


    Keynote by Speaker Anette Prehn


    • Micromessages rule social interaction. And yet, most of us are unaware of how to tweak these subtle, non-verbal messages so that they empower the performance of our team members and sharpen our own mental abilities.
    • A lot of us are also unsure of how to address it when a team member displays bodily signals undermining the authority of others.
    • Micromessages can drain or boost brain capacity and productivity substantially – but only very few teams are skilled in reading and tweaking them constructively.
    • Find out how to get greater team results and an increased wellbeing through this undervalued power source.


    Keynote by Speaker Anette Prehn


    • It is easy to turn your brain into an opponent. It is equally easy to turn the brains of others into opponents.
    • The brain follows certain rules and if we don’t know them, many things will seem more ”uphill” and difficult than they need to be.
    • On the other hand: getting and applying the hard data from neuroscience about how the brain actually functions boosts your relational power, collaboration and impact substantially.
    • Find out how much the brain matters for your daily interactions and results.
    • Get brain-based tricks that develop your leadership impact straight away.
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