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Speakers sharing stories on how they overcame difficulties while striving for success

  • Our speakers have overcome a variety of obstacles in order to obtain their goal of owning their own business. They address how to overcome difficult strides and what possible steps to take to improve and succeed when starting your own business.
  • These entrepreneur speakers have a wide variation of experience within a plethora of different fields. They are able to relate to you and your business’ journey. Contact one of our booking managers today to find the ideal speaker for your event.

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Speakers who are Entrepreneurs


Keynote speakers on entrepreneurs focus, on what it takes to be a good entrepreneur and business owner but also to improve your current business practices. There are many obstacles but many of them can be avoided with the right knowledge.


Many of the best entrepreneurs are also keynote speakers. This means they are able to combine theoretical experience with hands-on approach in order to truly deliver a powerful message.