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Kate Beeders

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Self-made entrepreneur and founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™ inspiring her audience to personal and organizational growth

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5 out of 5 stars

Kate is a very confident and engaging speaker. She captivates her audience with a powerful message and interactive activities.

Sharla Brown, Founder, One Woman International President, Keynote Events See all references
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Speaker Kate Beeders is a self-made entrepreneur and founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™.  Kate teaches audience members how to become their most successful self while introducing them to ideas of personal and organizational growth. 

Why book speaker Kate Beeders?

  • She makes you face your fears. Speaker Kate Beeders will challenge you and your audience’s with hard-hitting questions that will lead you in the direction of your personal and organizational growth. 
  • She is constructing. Kate’s stories resonates with many different audience types. She shares innovative ideas that liberate the audience members to create their most successful selves.
  • She is a visionary. Kate helps your audience embrace the idea of a “successful you”, she shares a “how to” guide in promoting and motivating yourself through positive reinforcement, and a strong”can-do” mindset.

“You have to want something better, you have to want something more, to be willing to risk being uncomfortable.” – Speaker Kate Beeders.

The Breakthrough Success Expert and founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™ teaches how to tap into your Zone of Brilliance to Accelerate Your Success. Prior to coaching, Kate was a successful business development and marketing professional. She started her career as a flight attendant, which is where she ultimately got her education in customer experience.

Speaker Kate is a self-made entrepreneur. As she stepped into her role, she sought help from coaches with the intention of managing her money, her marketing and most importantly, her mindset. Given the opportunity to grow, Kate optimized her opportunity and her results skyrocketed! Her success led to her book “Success Acceleration System”.

Kate has also been honored on the Red Carpet in Hollywood by the National Association for Best-Selling Authors for her best-selling book “The Winning Way” with Brian Tracy. Her latest book “Go or Don’t Go: The Complete Guide to Accelerate Your Success and Tap into Your Brilliance” was recently released and is receiving 5-star reviews!

Kate’s book “Success Acceleration System” guides corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to tap into the Zone of Brilliance and make the money that also matches their expertise! Kate has helped thousands of people go from “stuck to professional”. She will guide your audience members in the same direction!

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Special virtual keynote by speaker Kate Beeders

Keeping Calm During Difficult Times : Experience powerful mindset techniques and strategies to help you take control and reduce stress

Current events have flipped our lives upside down, and every day brings more change. When coronavirus-related news strikes, stress rises.

Audience takeaways:

  • You’ll participate in different mindset techniques (many based on neuroscience) that you’ll be able to apply to your life to stay focused while reducing your stress.
  • You’ll learn preventive strategies to help you maneuver through each day and manage stress no matter what happens.
  • Most importantly: you’ll feel better! Clients have said they feel “lighter, happier, [and] calmer” as their feeling of being overwhelmed dissipates.
Keynote by speaker Kate Beeders

Charge What You're Worth: 3 Keys for Frustrated Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Break Through Their Financial Glass Ceiling NOW!

Most entrepreneurs start their own business because they are following their passion. While they might be making a living doing what they love, their income level often doesn’t match their level of expertise.

  • Kate demonstrates how to shift their relationship with money so audience members are able to start charging a fair value for what they deliver.
  • How to determine the magic price point that magnetically attracts potential clients and make customers say “yes”, quickly.
  • Creating confidence while increasing rates.
Keynote by speaker Kate Beeder

Break Through Your Barriers: Attract Massive Abundance in 5 Critical Steps

Did you ever wonder why your income level plateaus? It has nothing to do with how smart you are or how hard you work.  You’ll keep hitting a roadblock until you learn how to break through your barriers.

  • Speaker Kate will teach you how to set a money goal and how to achieve it through her use of Money Acceleration System.
  • Learn the five critical areas where most people get stuck and once these self-sabotaging have come to recognition, how to shift your thinking into positive areas.
Keynote by speaker Kate Beeder

Change Your Brain, and Change Your Life... in 60 Seconds or Less

Looking for personal development training that can help executives and employees achieve greater productivity and increase performance?

  • This keynote you will learn how to use powerful principles of neuroscience to help you turn on empathy and compassion circuits in your brain, communicate better, and listen more deeply.
  • Kate shares the latest neuroscientific findings about harnessing the power of our own memories in everyday interactions.
Keynote by speaker Kate Beeder

Effortless Enrollment Secrets

In order to get more clients, you must be able to sell. Most people find sales difficult and unpleasant so they consistently avoid it. 90% of sales success depends on your mindset, not a system.

  • Learn the principles of sales and how to accordingly handle each sector
  • Learn how to overcome your internal objections so you can start to effortlessly turn conversations into paying clients!
Keynote by speaker Kate Beeders

Tapping Into Your Zone of Brilliance: 5 Steps to Finding Your Unique Sweet Spot of Success, Happiness, and Total Fulfillment

There’s a reason you’re setting the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year and never getting anywhere with them. Either you’re setting goals that you don’t want or you’re setting goals you don’t believe are worthy of achieving.

  • Learn a more efficient way to achieve your goals. Kate teaches you the 5 steps that illuminate your Zone of Brilliance.
  • When you begin to operate from your zone, you’ll be on your way to living your best life in your full BRILLIANCE.
Catch speaker Kate Beeder in action!

Unlock your genius with speaker Kate Beeder:

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"Her presentation leaves the audience not just motivated, but empowered, by changing their mindsets and their way of doing business. After listening to Kate's presentation, her audience is ready to begin implementing changes which will positively impact every aspect of their lives."

Josi Fredstrup

Marketing & Events Consultant

“The “How to Stay Calm” workshop seamlessly fit perfect in supporting employee moral during the COVID-19 pandemic as stress and anxiety are increasing exponentially with our changing times."

Ashlee Luke

Owner, Hare-Today.com

“On behalf of the Wellness Committee at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, we would like to thank you for presenting your exceptional talk, “How to Keep Calm During Difficult Times,” to our employees. We are committed to ongoing support for our providers and staff while disseminating high quality information during these uncertain times."

Jennifer M. Collins

PsyD, Chief Well-Being Officer and Clinical Psychologist

People were coming out of her session so excited, saying she had changed their outlooks, inspiring them to go for their business dreams. She has such infectious energy and deep authenticity."

Christina Inge

CEO Thoughtlight.Net
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Kate Beeders
Kate Beeders

5 out of 5 stars

Kate is a very confident and engaging speaker. She captivates her audience with a powerful message and interactive activities.

Sharla Brown, Founder, One Woman International President, Keynote Events See all references

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