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Speakers about vision (10)

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Olivia Remes

Mental health expert

travels from UK

Speaker Olivia Remes is a Ph.D. graduate focusing on how audience members have the ability to overcome bouts of anxiety-driven fears. She demonstrates how participants can address and overcome any circumstances. Speaker Oliva Remes's studies have...


Sonja Piontek

The Corporate Speaker on UltraCreativity, Change Mindset & Brand Building

travels from Germany, Singapore

Sonja Piontek is the global corporate speaker and bestselling author on UltraCreativity. The award winning German gets booked alongside international thought leaders such as Yuval Noah Harari or Les Brown. Sonja speaks on Creativity, Change...


Igor Beuker

With his radical vision and reliable voice, Igor inspires audiences globally, puts butts in seats and gets rave reviews

travels from Netherlands

Speaker Igor Beuker is known for his foresight and great expertise on technologies and trends that impact our economies, businesses and societies. His radical vision and reliable voice is a great inspiration for audiences all over the world as they...


Kate Beeders

Self-made entrepreneur and founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™ inspiring her audience to personal and organizational growth

travels from USA

Speaker Kate Beeders is a self-made entrepreneur and founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™.  Kate teaches audience members how to become their most successful self while introducing them to ideas of personal and organizational...


Iyanla Vanzant

Author, empowerment and life coach, founder of Visions Institute for Spiritual Development

travels from USA

Speaker Iyanla Vanzant is a spiritual leader as she guides audience members to further identify and classify problems as it applies to them. Iyanla specializes in self-love, personal development, life coaching, and spiritual consciousness. These...


Carly Patterson

Olympic gold medal gymnast and leadership advisor on the beneficial steps of welcoming failure in order to succeed

travels from USA

Olympic gold medalist and leader in success, speaker Carly Patterson dedicates her time to empowering companies with their drive to success, dedication and hard work. Carly uses her influential story on how she overcame adversities and challenges...


Jens-Uwe Meyer

Radical Innovator, Digitalization Expert, AG Chairman, Author & Entrepreneur

travels from Germany

Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer stands for radical innovation and digital disruption. This strategy is also reflected in his career: from policeman to foreign TV correspondent to CEO of a public limited company. After completing his doctorate on the...


Sterling Hawkins

Inspirational innovator and co-founder of CART who can help your organization enhance your dynamics

travels from USA

Speaker Sterling Hawkins is a futurist, business leader and a forward-thinking innovator proven to enhance you and your business' dynamics. Working closely with large companies in reaching their goals, Sterling provides insight for those looking to...


Adam Fridman

Purpose-driven and seasoned entrepreneur who believes everybody should seek purpose in their professional and personal life

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Adam Fridman believes that everyone should seek purpose in their life - personal and professional. A good and engaging company culture stems from people pursuing their purpose together. Through his keynotes, Adam inspires...


Devon Harris

Three-Time Olympian with the Original Jamaican Bobsled Team; Helping Audiences Visualize Success with an Olympic Mindset

travels from USA

Three-time Jamaican bobsled Team OIympian Devon Harris’ message to “keep on pushing” inspires the rejected salesperson to rediscover his or her mojo, the stumped engineer to find a better solution, and the overloaded executive to see a new...

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About Vision

  • Some people are visionaries. They typically get new and foreward-thinking ideas, ideas that most people normally wouldn’t think of or consider.
  • However, there is another and very important factor. If your visions are to take form you need to act on them. Otherwise the visions will remain dreams, merely a few notes on a piece of paper.
  • What does it take to bring your visions to life? And are some people simply better at it than others? If so, what is it they do?
  • Keynote speakers on vision look into these questions and more.
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