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From Gold Medals to Business Success

Carly Patterson

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Carly Patterson: From Olympic Glory to Business Triumph. Unlock the winning mindset with Carly's keynote address.

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Olympic gold medalist and leader in success, speaker Carly Patterson dedicates her time to empowering companies with their drive to success, dedication and hard work. Carly uses her influential story on how she overcame adversities and challenges inside and outside of the gym. Carly inspires companies on the act of becoming successful while welcoming failure, and the beneficial steps of doing so.

Why book speaker Carly Patterson?

  • Benefit from insights shared by an Olympic all-around gold medalist, gaining unparalleled motivation and strategies for achieving excellence.
  • Carly’s ability to navigate life’s challenges, including infertility, reinforces her status as a real-life hero, bringing genuine inspiration to your audience.
  • Carly’s experience in achieving the pinnacle of success at the Olympics provides valuable insights into goal-setting, discipline, and maintaining a winning mindset, which can empower your team to excel.

Carly Patterson, not just an Olympic legend but also a motivational speaker extraordinaire, is the beacon of resilience and achievement. Her story is one of unwavering dedication, and booking Carly for your event can be the key to unlocking your organization’s full potential.

Known for her historic 2004 Olympic all-around gold medal, Carly embodies the spirit of triumph against all odds. Her journey, where she became the first American woman to clinch this title in two decades, resonates powerfully in the corporate world.

Organizations, much like athletes, encounter hurdles that demand unwavering commitment and a winning mindset. Carly Patterson’s insights are your bridge to success. Her speeches are not just anecdotes from her remarkable career; they are blueprints for achieving excellence in every aspect of life.

When you book Carly Patterson, you tap into a reservoir of knowledge cultivated through her experiences, from the podium to life’s unpredictable challenges. Her motivational talks empower your team to overcome obstacles, set and achieve audacious goals, and embrace change with vigor.

Carly’s journey didn’t end at the Olympics. She ventured into the world of vocal performance, songwriting, and production, proving that reinvention is the hallmark of true champions. Her keynote addresses offer invaluable lessons on adaptability and seizing opportunities.

In a competitive corporate landscape, Carly Patterson’s presence lends authenticity to your event. Her accolades, including induction into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame, testify to her extraordinary abilities.

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Keynote by speaker Carly Patterson

From Best to Better: The Champion's Guide to Skillfully Managing Change

What does it take to reach the pinnacle of success? Then, what does it take to get better? Not only will you learn practical insights from Olympic Gold medal gymnast, Carly Patterson, you will be drawn into a story of resilience, winning in a competitive environment and enjoying the journey along the way. Carly went on to apply the same drive and determination that took her to the highest podium to becoming a recording artist, entrepreneur and mom. Her speech, From Best to Better is a moving experience of excellence, reinvention and peace of mind.

Key attendee takeaways: 

  • Resiliency in the face of uncertainty and adversity.
  • Not letting your achievements define you.
  • Conquering your fears and leveling up.
  • Letting your setbacks be a setup for success.
Keynote by speaker Carly Patterson

Tenacity, Grace & Grit: A Story of Stubborn Determination, Resilience, & the Pursuit of Excellence

In her keynote address, Carly shares how she redefined success through three principles she learned as a championship-level gymnast and in the years that followed. Carly’s authentic, humorous, and down-to-earth communication style is the perfect vehicle for a message that students, athletes, and professionals need to hear in order to embrace true success and find lasting fulfillment.

Key attendee takeaways:

  • Courage to take your “What’s next” step.
  • How to stay focused and move towards your goals.
  • Embracing the spark.
  • Making decisions from a place of freedom and not fear.
Keynote by speaker Carly Patterson

Custom Keynotes

Carly takes her time to get to know her audience, her clients and events. She will take her time to customize her keynote so it’s best suited for your attendees. Carly is happy to bring her Olympic medals and do a meet & greet/autographs/pictures with attendees. Carly can also customize her message and share insights on how God played and continues to play a roll in her life, helping you and your attendees reaffirm their faith and get closer to God.

Catch speaker Carly Patterson in action!

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Carly has quickly become a student favorite keynote for our Character U program at DeSales University. It’s not every day that a student can meet a gold medal Olympian and wear her medals! She has a powerful message that the students value and appreciate

Chad Serfass

Director for the DeSales Experience in Character & Leadership

Carly was incredible! I know the audience was eager to see her speak and she did not disappoint. She was so lovely to work with and just radiates positive energy. I was blown away by her presentation and I heard from numerous attendees that she was their favorite speaker of the day (out of over 30 speakers!).

Madeline K.

Ellevate Network

Once she took the stage she was able to quickly capture the attention of everyone in the room. Her speech was inspiring and her video footage was able to visibly demonstrate her pursuit of Excellence during the Olympics. I would recommend Carly for any appearance as her story is relevant to everyone.

Destini McKnight

NBC Universal

Simply put – WOW! She really is amazing and left us with such great messages. My take-a-ways: • Save the set back for later: find a way to come together as a team and still make it happen. Help each other. • We have a choice who we want to become. Find your flow and get into the zone! • Be curious, patient and innovate. • It's not about control, but consistently getting better. • Remember to be grateful. Her messages do resonate with us as members of the South Central Team, HP employees and also in our personal lives. I left the talk very inspired and woke up this morning feeling the same way.

Laurie L.


She was truly phenomenal! So relatable, caring and warm! She spoke a powerful message that left a lasting impact on students for years to come. This is a word that will not be soon forgotten. If you have the opportunity to have Carly speak…do not let it pass you by. Her message captivates the hearts of her audience and her passion moves those in the room.

Pastor Jeremy Baker

Elevate Life Church
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