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Top Women Speakers

From Nobel Prize winners, legendary athletes, socialists and women-rights activists to prime ministers, female chancellors, pilots, programmers and fashion designers. The women of today inspire positive change in the workplace and society as a whole. At A-Speakers you will find some of the most popular Women speakers and international experts.

Are you looking for daring keynotes and inspirational stories from the women who went the extra mile to build their dreams and achieve their goals? Book a keynote based on personal experiences within entrepreneurship and leadership. Our well-informed consultants will help you find the perfect speaker for your next event.

Female leaders and empowerment speakers from all over the world

  • How to empower women and guide them down the path to success? We gathered a collection of bold talks from female speakers on a variety of topics ranging from gender equality, women’s rights and the law, abuse and harassment, politics of abortion, biology, health and well-being, the future of feminism to women in leadership, CEOs and women executives, the role of feminist power, limitations on women’s careers and education opportunities.
  • Why are there still so few female leaders? A commonly asked question in today’s society. Your women need a voice! Contact our speaker consultants to book one of our many inspiring and educational top Women speakers.

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Top Women Speakers and International experts

 Women keynotes typically deal with elements of political feminism or historical studies uncovering the women’s role in various periods, within different cultures, often touching on economic questions such as equal wage positions of power, etc. The top Women speakers share a common interest in different aspects of women studies, women’s relation to questions concerning history, culture or politics.