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Deya Smith-Taylor

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Experience Deya Smith-Taylor's expertise in well-being and self-empowerment. Elevate your team's potential with her corporate workplace insights.

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Unlock Success with Our Leading Expert Deya Smith-Taylor, also known as “Deya Direct": Elevate workplace well-being, emotional intelligence, and personal growth with our dynamic speaker, a former Miss Black USA. She is a also Certified Life Coach in Social & Emotional Intelligence. Deya is an experienced entertainer with over a decade of experience speaking on radio and her own podcast show, as well as expressing her insights through keynote talks and bestselling books. Join the self-care revolution and prioritize well-being today!

Reasons to book Deya Smith-Taylor

  • Benefit from Deya’s expertise in mental health, creating a supportive and stigma-free work environment.
  • Her experience as a media producer and host adds depth and authenticity to her insights, making her a valuable keynote speaker.
  • Deya’s successful launch of the Well Luxe personal care brand exemplifies her commitment to self-care and wellness, offering tangible proof of her expertise.

Deya Smith-Taylor, a renowned motivational speaker, understands the intricacies of this daily struggle and offers profound insights on how to navigate it. When you book Deya Smith-Taylor for your event, you invite an expert who has dedicated her career to addressing the very challenges your organization faces.

Deya Smith-Taylor is known for her exceptional ability to inspire and motivate audiences, igniting the spark of personal growth and well-being. With her dynamic presence and impactful message, she dives into the heart of the matter, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, mental health, and self-care in today’s fast-paced world.

Deya’s keynotes resonate with individuals seeking to enhance their emotional intelligence, professionals striving to excel in a corporate landscape, and organizations committed to improving employee well-being. Her insightful and practical approach provides your audience with actionable tools and strategies they can implement immediately.

By booking Deya Smith-Taylor for your event, you invest in your team’s personal and professional development. She brings not only a wealth of knowledge but also the wisdom of personal experience, having overcome significant life challenges. Deya’s dynamic speaking style, coupled with her achievements as a former Miss Black USA, a certified life coach, and a successful author, make her the perfect choice to elevate your event and inspire your audience.

Deya Smith-Taylor doesn’t just deliver a keynote; she delivers a transformative experience that empowers individuals to prioritize well-being, nurture emotional intelligence, and achieve personal growth in their professional lives. When you choose Deya as your keynote speaker, you choose excellence, inspiration, and a brighter future for your organization.

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Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

What's Your Name Brand?

This motivational talk helps audiences to see how their thoughts and actions are a direct reflection of their personal and professional brand.

After completing this session, the attendee will be able to:
  • How your energy and actions have a direct impact on your name – which is your brand, 
  • Why it’s important as a leader to be intentional about how you make people feel,
  • Why being a good worker is not enough,
  • How burnout can burn your brand, and; 
  • How to use authenticity to reignite and rebrand yourself.
Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

Winning Strategies for Self-Care & Well-being in the Workplace

Self-care is taking initiative to do things that improve your mental and physical well-being. In this session, Life Coach and Super Self-care Strategist Deya teaches why it matters, how self-care and productivity are complementary to company culture.

Wellbeing is fundamental to our health and overall happiness. Having high levels of wellbeing helps us to be the best versions of ourselves. Investing in employee wellbeing can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement, reduced sickness absence and higher performance and productivity. Well-being is a key factor in determining an organization’s long-term effectiveness.

This session focuses on how individuals can reclaim their power and overall well-being at work.

After completing this session, the attendee will be able to:
  • Reimagine the concept of work, life, balance.
  • Identify barriers that impact progress and productivity.
  • Become more intentional about implementing self-care practices into your overall schedule.
  • Recognize how self-care is not selfish but an actual benefit to you and your workplace.
Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

The Pressure of Multitasking & The Power to Beat Burnout

Burnout is an epidemic in the workplace. It is a mental health issue and needs to be treated as such in workplace environments.

The consequences of burnout may include increased employee negativity, resignation, absence, lower productivity, and higher turnover, all of which affect a company’s bottom line. Tight deadlines, lack of management support, or unachievable job goals are just a few of the many factors that contribute to workplace burnout.

Life Coach and Super Self-care Strategist Deya teaches how the stress of multitasking is hurting our brains and our bodies, decreasing creativity and productivity.

After completing this session, the attendee will be able to:
  • Be more intentional about boosting their brain power.
  • Have an increased and real-use knowledge of EQ.
  • Identify their most important values and schedule time for them.
  • Better implement personal and professional boundaries.
  • Take technology breaks.
  • Resist the tendency to multitask; instead, focus on one project at a time.
  • Redefine success.
Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

Additional Presentations

Deya can also tailor her presentation for specific demographics in the following areas.

Prioritizing Your Well-being:

  • as a woman.
  • as a woman of color in Corporate America.
  • as you age.
  • in your relationships.
  • after loss (divorce, job, death).
Watch speaker Deya Smith-Taylor in action

Deya Direct Speaker Reel

Watch speaker Deya Smith-Taylor in action

FULL VIDEO: The Dangers of Thinking Wrong Too Long

Watch speaker Deya Smith-Taylor in action

How to Make Self-care Profitable at Work

See keynotes with Deya Smith-Taylor


Deya Direct truly has a calling for helping women help themselves! In true "girlfriend" fashion, she reminds you of the value that you bring to the table and how you should approach dealing with the VIPs in your life. Be it your boss or your boo, you'll be reassured of what to do. Thank you for living your purpose and for helping me and others to do so as well.


What can I say to describe this woman? I am a person who has a wealth of experience and knowledge but sometimes you just get in a rut. In those moments, you need someone who can give you sound and wise counsel without judgment and remind you of all those little pieces of wisdom you share with everyone else. Deya is straight forward and empathetic and still keeping you focused. She can hear what you are going through and ask the right questions to pull you through it. It's like talking to a girlfriend but completely therapeutic! She is my go-to and everyone should experience vulnerable, trusted, and open guidance. She is highly recommended, in my book!


I've had 2 coaching sessions with Deya Direct so far and both have been extremely helpful in the work I'm doing to deal with current relationship issues. She has a really great knack for drawing me out and getting me to a place where I can assess how I'm self-sabotaging. I'm looking forward to continuing the work and would recommend her to anyone seeking coaching.


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