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Deya Smith-Taylor

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Certified life coach in social and emotional intelligence and media personality empowering people to value themselves

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Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor, also known as “Deya Direct", is the President and Creative Director of Deya Direct Enterprises. She is a Certified Life Coach in Social & Emotional Intelligence. Deya is an experienced entertainer with over a decade of experience speaking on radio and her own podcast show, as well as expressing her insights through keynote talks and bestselling books.

​As a former Miss Black USA, Deya has been empowering women to honor and value themselves for over 15 years. Author and speaker Deya Smith-Taylor helps individuals around the world learn the process of self-love. She is the author of three published books: Amazon #1 Bestseller “Failure is Fuel”, “Touch Yourself, 30 Ways to Boldly Live, Love and Let Go”, and most recently “Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Femininity to Win in Love & Life”.

​Deya has offered expert guest commentary on national television, spoken and moderated at international conferences, and has served as a spokesperson and advocate for multiple nonprofit organizations including: The American Red Cross and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor Background

Deya is a graduate of Howard University with a BFA in Theatre, and minor in Communications. For over a decade, she served as the Lead Content and Senior Producer for the acclaimed, nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS). Which is the most successful syndicated urban radio show in history. With a reach of over 8 million people on a daily basis.

At TJMS, speaker Deya Smith-Taylor was also featured on-the-air and as a multimedia talent where she hosted, created and produced several celebrity-driven shows including: Girlfriend FM and Beyond the Studio on Blackamericaweb.com.

Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor also launched the SuperpowHer Podcast, a Powerhouse “Testimonial Series” full of real-life tools for women to apply in their daily lives. Deya’s podcast is a lively safe space where she gets real with Celebrities, Power Players and her Super-friends.

They open up about how they overcame the fire of life, and leveraged their Superpower to Learn, Live, Love and Laugh again! By its first month, her show had already acquired 1,000 downloads and it’s first national sponsor.


See keynotes with Deya Smith-Taylor

    Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

    The Power of Podcasting

    Veteran media personality and syndicated radio producer turned podcaster Deya “Direct Smith-Taylor will help you discover how to maximize podcasting as tool to be authentic, to stay relevant in the marketplace and to reposition your brand. She recently led the creation and launch of an entire podcast network for the American Heart Association and describes podcasting as the gift that keeps on giving.

    Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

    Saving Super Woman: The Courage of Self-Care

    Why is asking for help so hard? What If you discovered that asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness; Who would you ask and what would you ask for? In this episode, host and life coach Deya Direct with show you 5 Ways Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength and Self-Awareness.

    Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

    Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love & Life

    Soft power is the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction. Deya has taken this international political term to show women how using soft power as a tool and tactic can enhance their communication skills, emotional intelligence, physical, spiritual, professional and personal lives.

    Based upon Deya’s latest book, Soft is the New Power, which continues to receive rave reviews. This talk will address how many successful and ambitious career driven women for various reasons have fallen into the trap of minimizing their feminine energy while maximizing a more hardened masculine energy to survive or succeed. And as a result, often become ineffective, emotionally exhausted and unavailable. As an answer to this challenge, Deya shows women the benefits of embracing soft power as a strategic approach to self-care, effective communication, negotiation, and attracting healthy relationships and success.

    Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

    Permission to Reimagine Your Story and Make Your Pain Pay You Back!

    Based upon her #1 Amazon Bestseller Failure into Fuel, Deya takes her audience on a dramatic journey to teach them how to leverage shame, fear, guilt, loss and more as lessons and tools to help reshape one’s life.

    Before you can take your life to the next level, you must first come to terms with areas of your life where fear and failure reside that have kept you stagnated and stuck.

    Deya’s personal testimony is powerful and life-changing. She will take you on a journey of how she almost lost it all, but reclaimed her life and soared instead; providing you with hope and actionable-steps to leverage each experience to fuel your growth.

    Keynote by Speaker Deya Smith-Taylor

    The Super Self-care Curator: Helping You to Prioritize Well-being

    • Winning Strategies for Well-being in the Workplace

    • The Pressure of Multitasking & The Power to Beat Burnout

    • Prioritizing Your Well-being:

    • as a woman
    • as a woman of color in Corporate America 
    • as you age
    • in your love life
    • after loss (divorce, job, death)
Watch speaker Deya Smith-Taylor in action
Watch speaker Deya Smith-Taylor in action

How to Make Self-care Profitable at Work

See keynotes with Deya Smith-Taylor


Deya Direct truly has a calling for helping women help themselves! In true "girlfriend" fashion, she reminds you of the value that you bring to the table and how you should approach dealing with the VIPs in your life. Be it your boss or your boo, you'll be reassured of what to do. Thank you for living your purpose and for helping me and others to do so as well.


What can I say to describe this woman? I am a person who has a wealth of experience and knowledge but sometimes you just get in a rut. In those moments, you need someone who can give you sound and wise counsel without judgment and remind you of all those little pieces of wisdom you share with everyone else. Deya is straight forward and empathetic and still keeping you focused. She can hear what you are going through and ask the right questions to pull you through it. It's like talking to a girlfriend but completely therapeutic! She is my go-to and everyone should experience vulnerable, trusted, and open guidance. She is highly recommended, in my book!


I've had 2 coaching sessions with Deya Direct so far and both have been extremely helpful in the work I'm doing to deal with current relationship issues. She has a really great knack for drawing me out and getting me to a place where I can assess how I'm self-sabotaging. I'm looking forward to continuing the work and would recommend her to anyone seeking coaching.


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