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Keynotes on making decisions in an ever-changing world


Liv Boeree

travels from UK, USA

Astrophysicist and one of the best female professional poker players. An in-demand speaker covering decision-making; risk-taking; probability & artificial intelligence.

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Keynote speaker Liv Boeree is known as the leading female poker player in the UK. Clients book her for her incredible insights and her ability to relate different aspects of poker to everyday life and the challenges we face. Liv also speaks on living in a man’s world as well as women in science and technology.

Why you should book speaker Liv Boeree

  • Having a speaker with a first class degree in Astrophysics along with being one of the leading poker players in the world, definitely provides a unique and impactful addition to any event or conference. In an ever-changing and uncertain world, the rules of poker apply to more aspects of our lives than we think, and Liv is ready to show how.
  • A lover of science, Liv has an enquiring and analytical mind. She’s passionate about encouraging girls in science, technology, engineering and math as well as having a keen interest in areas such as Artificial Intelligence.
  • Liv is also a regular TV presenter which undoubtedly has provided her with great presentation skills that she uses on stage. She keeps her audience engaged while sharing personal anecdotes and interesting facts.

Speaker Liv Boeree wants to understand how we make better decisions in an uncertain world. As a professional poker player and with a passion for science, she unravels how to actually make decisions and take risks in one’s personal and professional life.

Liv started her poker journey when she joined a reality tv-show in 2005 where she was taught poker by other professionals. She fell in love with the game and quickly started competing in national and international poker tournaments. Along the way Liv has won both European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker Championship titles, and she is a well-known name all over the world.

As a speaker Liv Boeree is dynamic and insightful. Her TED Talk has been viewed over 2.4 million times and created quite a buzz when it was first published online. As a woman in poker and science, Liv is also eager to speak about the adversity women face in these industries and how to overcome them. Liv is a must-see speaker who will definitely open your eyes and add unique value to your event.

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Keynote by speaker Liv Boeree

Risk Taking & Decision Making

  • In this keynote, Liv uses her exceptional understanding of probability from mathematics and her vast experience in poker to explore the most effective ways to make a decision from both a personal and business standpoint.
  • In a world that is becoming increasingly uncertain, it is more important to make the correct decisions.
Keynote by speaker Liv Boeree

Poker & Being a PokerStars Professional

  • As Britain’s leading female player of all time, there are very few more qualified to talk about all things poker than Liv Boeree.
  • Base topics include; basic psychology of the game, game theory applications, rational thinking techniques and being a sponsored professional at the top of their game.
Keynote by speaker Liv Boeree


  • Liv’s degree and fascination in this area means she can talk confidently on many topics; including Space Exploration, Physics Discoveries, AI Dangers, Extreme Weather and encouraging women in Science/Technology/Engineering/Maths
Keynote by speaker Liv Boeree

Ethics & Philosophy

  • Liv created her own ethical charity with a focus on Effective Altruism (how can we use our resources to help others the most?), making her a highly knowledgeable speaker on Ethics and Philosophy.
Keynote by speaker Liv Boeree

Woman in a Man’s World

  • With Poker and Astrophysics being stereotypically male dominated fields, Liv has overcome adversity in both and excelled.
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3 Lessons on Decision-making

See keynotes with Liv Boeree
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