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Harriet Waley-Cohen

Women's Leadership Speaker and Coach
Country: UK

International Keynote speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen is a certified health coach and women’s leadership coach, and entrepreneur. She empowers women to make life-changing transformations to become the most powerful versions of themselves, and thus to fulfil their potential and purpose.


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Keynote speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen loves inspiring and empowering others to transform their lives, in particular to change how they feel about themselves. Not feeling good about yourself is significant  barrier to mental and physical health, career success, happy relationship and more.

Speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen has been through multiple transformations herself and knows how what it takes to make deep rooted changes that stick, and to get through tough times and come out the other side stronger than ever. She is 16 years in recovery from addictions, left an unhappy marriage and went on to thrive, shifted from a 10 year banking career into motherhood and entrepreneurship, and is a breast cancer survivor. Harriet has a BSC in Psychology from UCL, and is a certified health coach and women’s leadership coach. She is a sought after speaker and coach in the corporate and personal development worlds. Past clients include Microsoft, Barclays, BBC, Vodafone.

Harriet’s number one mission is make sure people know their true value. She empowers people to become in total partnership with themselves, leaving behind overwhelm, disempowering/destructive habits and self-doubt in favour of confidence, self-esteem emotional and physical wellbeing, fulfilment, success and happiness. Harriet’s style is authentic, engaging and interactive, leaving her audiences with practical tools and processes they can use right away for maximum impact and transformation.


    Keynote from speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen

    Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass

    • In this interactive talk, Harriet explains how to understand emotions in a way that is simple yet powerful helpful for seeing emotions as useful guidance tools. Harriet also covers how to pro-actively manage emotional wellbeing, how to cope when strong powerful emotions suddenly rise up, and how to communicate emotions in an empowered way for productive conversations and good results.

    Keynote from speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen

    Emotional Wellbeing: Progress Not Perfection

    • Speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen shows her audience the ways in which perfectionism can be both positive and negative are put forward, with an emphasis on discovering the ways in which perfectionism can be toxic for wellbeing, career and mental health. An alternative paradigm is put forward, where participants learn alternative ways of doing and being to toxic perfectionism in every area of life including their business lives.

    Keynote from speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen

    Women’s Leadership: How to Unleash Your Inner Powerwoman

    • In this interactive talk, Harriet unveils the key ways women can disempower themselves and hold themselves back in their career and wider life. Impactful solutions are put forward that can be implemented immediately to enable women to step into the most powerful version of themselves.


    Keynote from speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen

    Women’s Leadership: The Essential Qualities of Being A Powerful Female Leader

    • Drawing on the strengths of different female archetypes such as the queen, Harriet dives into the qualities of different styles of powerful female leadership, illustrating that power, confidence and being a woman in business are far from incompatible.


    Keynote from speaker Harriet Waley-Cohen

    Women’s Leadership: Speak up For Yourself With Confidence

    • In this interactive talk, you will learn hacks for changing different aspects of language, the use of the voice, and negotiation tactics, thus empowering women to be truly confident about speaking up for themselves and making the impact they want to make in their career and wider life.
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