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Jos Dirkx

travels from Netherlands, UK

International speaker on a mission to challenge the status quo and making the world better through equal and inclusive societies

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World traveled keynote speaker Jos Dirkx is an award-winning communications adviser and creative strategist. Jos has a passion for changing the world by challenging the status quo in businesses and societies. A captivating and inspirational speaker, Jos is always a joy on stage.

Why you should book speaker Jos Dirkx

  • Jos is a world-traveler which allows her to bring different perspectives into play when she’s presenting her keynotes to international clients. Because of her international travels and diverse upbringing, she has seen and experienced inequality, and she now fights for inclusion and human rights for all.
  • Jos has extensive experience in the corporate world and has founded several organizations herself, including a communications consultancy and mGirls. Her experience as a businesswoman herself allows her to understand her clients’ challenges and customize her keynotes.
  • As a keynote speaker and founder of several organizations Jos knows what she’s talking about, and she has been recognized by international media such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Entrepreneur Magazine for her work.

As an international public speaker, Jos Dirkx has worked across the world, including South Africa, New York and Dubai. Jos grew up in Brazil and has lived in a total of 12 countries. She has always had a passion for challenging the status quo and the major inequality issues of today’s world. Jos has initiated several movements to fight for education rights for everyone. She does this through the strategic use of technology combined with value-based learning.

Jos Dirkx has spoken at many international events, including two TEDx Talks and a speech at the World Economic Women in Leadership Forum. She has a passion for building and advocating equal societies, and sharing her stories with audiences across the world. Jos is also the author of several books including a augmented reality-infused coloring book for kids as well as “Tackled” which is a practical guide to decrease gender-based violence for boys and young men.

As a speaker Jos Dirkx is full of life and energy on stage. She speaks on a variety of topics, all equally important for all of us and the future of our world. As a business, team, leader, individual or activist, you’ll find eye-opening points and relevant takeaways from Jos’ keynotes.

See keynotes with Jos Dirkx

    Keynote by speaker Jos Dirkx

    Creativity and Innovation – how do we best prepare for the future of learning?

    • In this keynote, Jos talks about important skills for the future like empathy, confidence and storytelling and how to leverage technology in getting these narratives across. Jos focuses on building a mindset for creativity – get ready to be challenged, to get up on your feet and to think outside of your comfort zone!

    Keynote by speaker Jos Dirkx

    Does anyone really get Diversity & Inclusion?

    We all talk about it, but do any of us really understand D&I? How can we ensure D&I becomes an automatic element in decision-making? How do we honestly and openly challenge our own perceptions around unconscious bias?

    • Through a series of exercises and real-life examples, Jos leverages an understanding of our own cultural bias in order to take responsibility for change.

    Keynote by speaker Jos Dirkx

    The Global Impact of Listening – how we can shift cultural perceptions

    • In this keynote, Jos looks at how we can have difficult conversations based on conscious communication and mindful messaging, in order to shift cultural perceptions and challenge our pre-existing bias. Through Energy Based Leadership, Jos helps executives become aware of simple cues that could change the way they do business.
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See keynotes with Jos Dirkx
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