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Education: The passport to the future

  • Most economists agree that there is a correlation between the quality of education and economic stability. The more educated a nation is, the more growth a country will experience: an additional year of schooling raises the gross domestic product (GDP) growth by 0.37%.
  • An improved educational system also reduces poverty and contributes to a more equal society by promoting gender equality.
  • Quality education fosters peace. If the schooling rate is 10 percent higher than average, the likelihood of an armed conflict reduces by three percent. It also reduces crime locally, providing an annual social benefit of more than $2 billion.
  • However, education is not just a question of economic prosperity. Our keynote speakers are eager to help the educational institutions by equipping them with the right methods and pedagogical tools to improve the internal processes of an institution.

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The benefits of educating people according to Education speakers


Education speakers and authorities agree that there are a significant amount of benefits of educating the world. Therefore, a country must increase the education budget to experience economic growth and discourage crime. Further benefits include environmental improvement, the reduction of gender-based violence and the reduction of maternal death rates.