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Brilliant Storyteller, Best-Selling Novelist, Journalist, and Speaker

Lucy Hawking

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Lucy Hawking traverses the world giving popular talks on cosmology, astronomy, and physics. She also delivers talks on the value of diversity to businesses.

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Lucy Hawking is a renowned English educator, novelist, journalist, author, and philanthropist passionate about making science accessible and entertaining. She is the daughter of the late Stephen Hawking, one of the most respected theoretical physicists in the United Kingdom. But that's not to say her father's big name did everything for her. Lucy chose to chart a course of her own, and there is no doubt she has succeeded tremendously. Best known for her George book series, she has been a godsend for children when it comes to science-based fantasy adventure stories.

Why you should book Lucy Hawking for your next event

  • Lucy Hawking is passionate about explaining complex scientific concepts to the younger generation through storytelling. She is credited with bringing to life the famous George Greenby series, books that explain science in plain and simple language.
  • Her speaking experience is impressive, having given dozens of informative talks to different audiences, ranging from Palo Alto’s Silicon Valley executives to schoolchildren in Bangladesh.
  • She is a brilliant storyteller, with her talks revolving around the creative aspect of science. She spurs imagination and ignites children’s interest in science.

As an outstanding author, Lucy has worked in collaboration with some of the leading scientists of her time, of course, including her father. To ensure her work benefits as many people as possible, the George series has been published in many languages besides English. You can even find the series in Xhosa and Zulu. As well as writing books, Lucy has produced documentaries about the technological impact on mankind for BBC Radio 4. She is also credited with a series of popular podcasts called “Lucy in the Sky.” These are the resources you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to know a thing or two about man’s future in space.

Lucy’s other milestones include the creation of Principia Space Diary, an educational guide for primary students who want to write about the mission of Tim Peake to the ISS. This work was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2017. Also nominated for the same award (2018) was her Mars Diary, a 64-page activity book written to teach science students about real-life STEM projects geared towards getting people to the Red Planet. She won the 2015 Sappio Prize, thanks to her efforts in popularizing science. Lucy currently chairs the Stephen Hawking Foundation, a charity that facilitates scientific research in fundamental particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology.

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Lucy Hawking’s keynote talks make science fun and accessible, using stories from her popular “George” book series and cutting-edge research.


  • AI – what is the value of AI to creativity
  • AI and disruption
  • Technology and Science
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity in STEM
  • Unlocking the Universe
  • Creativity, spirituality, courage, love and empathy in the age of the machine
  • How disability has driven technological advances
  • Legacy
  • Life and Times
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Science and Storytelling | Lucy Hawking | TEDxSalford

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