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Pioneering AI Ethics in Finance

Badr Boussabat

travels from Belgium

Navigate the intersection of AI and finance with keynote speaker Badr Boussabat, offering practical solutions for ethical AI implementation, Marketing and Generative AI strategy.

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Discover the transformative power of Badr Boussabat, an acclaimed international speaker, author, and AI luminary. With expertise spanning AI, finance, and global relations, Boussabat delivers unparalleled insights to drive ethical AI adoption and collaborative development. Elevate your organization's AI strategy with a keynote from a leader recognized by 60leaders.com, shaping the future of responsible AI deployment worldwide. 

Why you should book Badr Boussabat for your next even

  • As an influential author and sought-after speaker, Badr Boussabat has left an indelible mark on the global AI discourse, earning acclaim for his groundbreaking research and captivating keynote addresses.
  • With a wealth of experience in AI and finance, Badr Boussabat is uniquely positioned to guide businesses through the complexities of the modern landscape, offering expert insights and strategic direction to drive success.
  • Through pioneering research in AI fairness and a steadfast commitment to ethical practices, Badr Boussabat continues to shape the future of AI, ensuring that technology serves humanity’s best interests while fostering innovation and inclusivity.

When you book Badr Boussabat for your event, you’re not just securing a speaker – you’re investing in a transformative experience. Renowned for his profound expertise in AI, finance, and global relations, Badr Boussabat brings to the table a wealth of practical knowledge and visionary thinking. His ability to unravel complex concepts and deliver actionable strategies empowers audiences to navigate the intricate intersection of AI and business with ease and confidence.

But Badr Boussabat offers more than just expertise – his motivational speaking style captivates audiences, leaving them inspired and equipped to confront the challenges of tomorrow head-on. Whether it’s fostering ethical AI development, mitigating financial risks, or driving inclusive growth, his keynote addresses provide invaluable guidance for organizations striving to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing world.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Badr Boussabat is also an accomplished author, with two seminal books to his name: “Artificial Intelligence: Our Best Hope” (2020) and “Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World” (2021). These publications have earned international acclaim, influencing several academic research endeavors on AI in France and beyond. His second book has been recognized among the top five by FNAC in various French-speaking countries.

By booking Badr Boussabat for your event, you’re not only ensuring its success but also investing in the future readiness of your organization. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the profound impact of his presentations firsthand.

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Keynote by Badr Boussabat

Mastering Financial Risks: Pathways to Ethical Practices

Keynotes by Badr Boussabat offer actionable insights tailored to your organization’s needs. With expertise in finance, risk management, and AI ethics, he provides practical strategies to drive success while prioritizing ethical considerations. Elevate your business acumen with Badr Boussabat’s transformative guidance and unlock the keys to sustainable growth and ethical leadership.

Badr will talk about: 

  • Empowering your Marketing productivity thanks to no code AI
  • Navigating the Future: AI at the Heart of Financial Risk Management
  • Crafting Tomorrow’s Financial Landscape: The Transformative Impact of AI
  • Cultivating the Future: AI as a Tool of Empowerment in Education
  • Human Capital in the Digital Era: Educating and Equipping for an AI-Driven World
  • Redefining Consultancy in the AI Era: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities
  • AI and Law: Algorithms as the Architects of Change?
  • Responsible AI: Paving the Path to AI Ethics
  • Forecasting Prosperity: Navigating the AI-Augmented Economy of Tomorrow
  • Competing in the Digital Arena: AI-Driven Innovations Transforming Sports Business
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Let us launch the "Augmented Basic Income" | Badr Boussabat | TEDxIscaeRABAT

See keynotes with Badr Boussabat
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