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Kieran Gilmurray

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Transform your event with Kieran Gilmurray, a charismatic and engaging speaker who brings the future of work to life with his real-world expertise in AI, Automation, GenAI and more, inspires and educates audiencesto embrace innovation enabling business to thrive in this digital era.

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Author, industry analyst and real-world strategist and implementer, Kieran doesn’t just talk all things AI and automation, he cuts through the noise giving business tangible insights and practical strategies to excel in thisfast-moving technology landscape. Businesses must become generative, intelligently automated, constantly reinventing organisms and Kieran unlocksthe way forward. Described as a master at work and utterly compelling, book Keiran now to transform your business.

Why you should book Kieran Gilmurray for your next event

  • Kieran has 28 years of experience developing data analytics, automation, process improvement, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies solutions tailored to medium, large, and global-scale organizations.
  • Kieran’s work has generated more than $200 million of dollars of value for businesses to date.
  • Kieran gets the whole picture, and his senior level business experience adds a unique practical dimension
  • Kieran is an accomplished speaker who educates and entertains with his charismatic stage presence, real world knowledge and in-depth insights
  • Kieran has a voracious appetite for learning and curiosity that translates itself into knowledge the latest trends and how they can best be applied for business

Before each engagement Kieran will spend time understanding your goals to ensure that he delivers a personalised talk which will meet all your objectives. This includes the audience, style of venue and event format.

As a keynote speaker, Kieran Gilmurray is known for his ability to provide actionable strategies that help organizations adapt and thrive in this digital world. His experience working with global enterprises in automation, blockchain, data and cloud make him a unique combination of speaker and implementer, ensuring engagement with the audience as he has walked the walk. Book Kieran to unlock the way forward for your organization.

Kieran believes in lifelong learning and continuous professional development. He holds a Master of Business Administration (1st Class Distinction and MBA award for entrepreneurship) from The Queen’s University, Belfast. As well as this Kieran has an MSc. Computer Science and Applications. The Queen’s University, Belfast. A Diploma in Business Finance, IMI, Dublin (Awarded IMI Finance student of the year) An IODs Chartered Directors Diploma and Certificate (Distinction) in Company Direction. A Diploma in Executive Coaching, Association of Executive Coaches. A Diploma in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute. A Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. University of Ulster, Coleraine. A BSc. Hons. Management Sciences (2.1) UMIST, Manchester, England.

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Keynote by speaker Kieran Gilmurray

The Generative Enterprise: AI Driven to the Core

Business must look at their operating architectures and become generative, intelligently automated, constantly reinventing organisms that use AI in every facet of what they do. They have to create new economic value for themselves, shareholders and their workers in this new world at far higher rates than before (40% more), otherwise, their competitors will become generative enterprises ahead of
them and Digital Darwinism then applies.

Keynote by speaker Kieran Gilmurray

Decision insight the only competitive advantage left

Imagine a world where tech would record all the decisions you make, It Understands how these
decisions have been built. It Assesses the impact of these decisions and based on this memory of
your past decisions, helps your future decision to always create the impact you expect…

…welcome to the world of decision intelligence

Keynote by speaker Kieran Gilmurray

Seizing the data advantage for marketeers

AI is transforming insights and analytics. Explore the transformative impact of AI on data analysis in marketing, uncovering profound insights into customer behavior, preferences, and emerging trends. Key themes encompass AI, analytics, transformation, customer behavior trends, semantic analysis, social impact, and decision-making.

Keynote by speaker Kieran Gilmurray

The future of automation

Often people talk about the future of work as something far away – stories about robots; artificial intelligence; Augmented and Virtual Reality; SMART everything; Internet of Things etc. are spoken about as if they exist in the future and that far away land should not trouble us in the near future. But the future of work is now. However, we need to think differently. That future is now and is impacting how we live, work and consume. There are many reasons why change is happening e.g. globalization, politics, new generations such as millennials or Gen X coming to the fore but one thing more than anything has driven change and that is TECHNOLOGY.

Keynote by speaker Kieran Gilmurray

Revolutionizing HR: How AI can optimize every stage of the employment cycle

In this comprehensive trailblazing talk, I examine the relevance of AI in transforming every core
stage of the employment cycle. I put recruitment, onboarding, performance management, reward
and recognition, promotion, retention and offboarding under the microscope and identify where AI
can drive efficiencies.

Watch Kieran Gilmurray in action

They say start at the beginning. So deep breath. Let's begin...

See keynotes with Kieran Gilmurray
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