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  • In a world where life becomes increasingly digitised, FinTech experts discovered the secrets to continuous progression. Do not hesitate to consult our professional speakers for advice on how to stay relevant for your most tech-savvy clients.
  • The current and following generations prefer quick and easy banking services, ranging from money transfer and payments to complex investments. In today’s rapidly changing society no one finds time anymore to book appointments with bank clerks or to walk to a branch for face-to-face consultancy. Book a popular keynote and learn how to adapt your business model to the current financial trends.

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Find out how FinTech can transform your business from our professional speakers


FinTech is causing upheaval for old-fashioned banks and financial managers, while unnerving every corner of global finance. The change has occurred throughout the past years and was marked by the insertion of blockchain into the core of many businesses.


FinTech took over multiple sectors such as insurance and regulation. The most revolutionary transformations include mobile payment programmes, payment services directive, regulatory technology and real estate projects. Discover these major digital trends with the help of our top FinTech speakers!