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A unique combination of great expertise and comedy

Jasmine Birtles

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Financial expert with a unique blend of humour and expertise – Meet Jasmine to improve your finances!

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Speaker Jasmine Birtles is one of the best financial experts of the United Kingdom. Her unique presenting style is a blend of solid financial expertise and comedy. As a known speaker, she frequently works with companies such as HSBC, BT or Microsoft. Jasmine also regularly appears in the media as a financial journalist or a financial pundit on TV.

Why you should book Speaker Jasmine Birtles

  • She is the founder of MoneyMagpie – the UK’s leading personal finance site.
  • Jasmine’s presenting style is a mix of expertise and comedy, which makes learning easy and fun.
  • Companies such as Microsoft, BT and HSBC greatly value her financial expertise.

Speaker Jasmine Birtles is dedicated to help people with money. To demystify finances, Jasmine offers financial advice to various audiences. People find her speeches truly beneficial as she makes difficult concepts easy to understand. Jasmine’s style is a combination of great expertise and comedy – the perfect blend to get the gist of finances.

Businesses trust Jasmine’s financial advice. Previously, speaker Jasmine Birtles worked together with organisations such as HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Furthermore, she has spoken at and hosted conferences for BT, IBM and Microsoft. Jasmine can tailor her speeches to any event and offer her workshops for conferences or after dinners.

In 2007, Jasmine established the UK’s leading personal finance site, MoneyMagpie. Moreover, she frequently appears as a financial expert in online and broadcast media such as The Guardian and BBC. As a speaker Jasmine Birtles speaks from the perspective of the consumer, offering solid financial advice to people.

See keynotes with Jasmine Birtles

    Keynote by Speaker Jasmine Birtles

    How to be rich without really trying

    • With this topic, Jasmine takes the audience on a journey to financial wellness – helping people to improve their finances. Besides, there is a lot of comedy, funny props and audience participation involved.
    • This topic is a favourite of many clients – for example, it has been taught for more than a decade at BBC.

    Keynote by Speaker Jasmine Birtles

    Property investing and ‘getting on the property ladder’

    • In this speech, speaker Jasmine Birtles shares her key tips and insights about property investment to help first time investors and buyers.
    • She is an expert of the property investment sector: as a matter of fact, she is an established columnist of the Mail’s Sunday Property section and the co-presenter of the BBC programme Homes Under the Hammer.

    Keynote by Speaker Jasmine Birtles

    How to get PR on no money at all

    • Jasmine designed this keynote to help freelancers, small businesses and startups with doing PR.
    • She explains organisations how to reach media people and get media coverage both in newspapers and social media. Moreover, Jasmine shows how to get coverage from national and local events – finding the company great PR opportunities on a budget.

Interview with Jasmine Birtles

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

There’s a direct response to what I am giving out to the audience which you don’t get in any other way. Being interviewed on TV and radio is always interesting and there are often questions and comments tweeted from viewers while we’re on air, but it’s not the same as the immediate feedback that a live audience gives.

You only know a joke is funny by the laughter and you only know that a fact is staggering from the combined sharp intake of breath from the audience. It’s exhilarating and educational at the same time!

How much does humour factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

It is fundamental. Humour has always been a part of my every day life – it’s basic to the way I communicate with others. I love comedy, jokes and generally seeing the funny side of things and I find it a quick and efficient tool to break down barriers.

I enjoy using humour to engage and teach, especially with subjects that are often dull or frightening like money and business. Sprinkling a little humour through serious topics works with every type of audience.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Doing one of my ‘imposter’ characters for the R3 Ladies’ Lunch. This was the only booking I have had (so far) where I was asked to take my clothes off (!). I had to pretend to be a dull insolvency practitioner who had had too much to drink. I then was to strip off my boring suit (put together with velcro) to reveal a sparkly cocktail dress. Amazingly the strip went smoothly and the act went down a storm (there are excerpts in my comedy showreel).

What inspired you to create Moneymagpie.com?

In 2006 I was writing a book about money which I knew would be partly out of date by the time it was published. I realised that to give people proper up-to-date information every day I should be setting up a website. At that time there were only a few money sites and even fewer of them (i.e. none!) were attractive to women.

I decided to set up a money site that would be attractive to women as well as men and make it one that had an holistic approach to money, showing people how they could make extra cash on the side as well as how to save it. That’s what i did and it has grown ever since. We are now working on an app and a video channel to extend the site’s reach and utility.

Which of your money saving tips is your favourite and why?

“Get as much as you can for free!” It’s what I do and I know there are lots of things out there that we can get for free including free meals through mystery shopping, free holidays through house-swapping, free furniture and electronics through Freecycle and more.

You are a successful author. What sources of creativity do you draw from when writing a book?

I think that ideas are infinite and available to everyone. It’s not so much that I have to search inside myself for the ideas, they are all around and can be accessed in different ways by all of us, often simply by being very quiet and listening! With joke books and comedy scripts I often have to write in one-hour chunks and then do something different before coming back to the writing for another hour session.

The factual books, articles and speeches tend to need a structure first before I fill in the different sections. Sometimes I hire a researcher to help with facts and figures so that I can get on with the process of writing.

See keynotes with Jasmine Birtles
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