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Speakers about money (7)

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Emmanuel Asuquo

Financial Adviser & Founder of Noir Excel & The Eman Effect

travels from UK

Speaker Emmanuel Asuquo is a Financial Adviser and Founder of Noir Excel & The Eman Effect. He works with individuals and business owners alike to assist them in planning and preparing for their financial future. He is recognized for providing...


Igor Pejic

Financial tech speaker and corporate innovation strategist

travels from Austria

Speaker Igor Pejic writes about banking, finance, and is an expert panelist for major tech-driven shifts. He is the author of Blockchain Babel, a Financial Times Business Book of the Month, and he has worked in management positions in banking and...


Jasmine Birtles

Financial expert with a unique blend of humour and expertise – Meet Jasmine to improve your finances!

travels from UK

Speaker Jasmine Birtles is one of the best financial experts of the United Kingdom. Her unique presenting style is a blend of solid financial expertise and comedy. As a known speaker, she frequently works with companies such as HSBC, BT or...


Micael Dahlén

Author, blogger, professor and recognized researcher in the field of consumer behavior, creativity and marketing

travels from Sweden

Internationally acclaimed, keynote speaker Micael Dahlén is the author of six books, the latest Nextopia began and continues with the blog nextopia.info. 30+ articles in scientific journals and advisor of global companies. Ranked number 10 in...


Marcus Buckingham

Bestselling author, researcher, and leading expert on Talent and employee engagement.

travels from USA

from Keynote speaker Marcus Buckingham has dedicated himself to understanding what makes world-class managers tick, bottling it, and sharing it with the world. He challenges conventional wisdom and shows the correlation between engaged employees and...


Suze Orman

Finance expert, contributor to O Magazine, online columnist, bestselling author, and Emmy award-winning TV host

travels from USA

Twice named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Forbes magazine ranks keynote speaker Suze Orman in the top 20 of the most influential women in media today. She is a two-time Emmy award winner, the author of...


Chris Skinner

Author and commentator on FinTech, the Chief Executive of Balatro Ltd., and co-founder of the website Shaping Tomorrow

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Chris Skinner is a well respected expert on financial issues. He has written several books covering issues such as European Banking regulation, the credit crisis and the future of banking. He has been a consultant for numerous...

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About Money

  • Money is symbolic value, currency we use to buy goods, services and so on. Money exists in physical form such as gold coins or dollar bills but also digitally as information accessible through plastic cards, online, etc.
  • Money is a vital part of most modern societies but also a constant troublemaker due to the simple fact that some have money and others don’t. Some are very rich while others are very poor.
  • How much does money mean to us and what is the role of money in terms of society as we know it? How does money affect people in general?
  • Keynote speakers on money take a closer look at this topic and try to provide answers to the many questions.
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